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Meet NJ Wedding Photographers

Premier Boutique Artists

As premier boutique artists, the NJ wedding photographers who work in our studio have to possess a talented eye for imagery and a commitment to personal service. The team of wedding photographers in NJ and experienced Indian wedding photographers includes several award winners whose work has appeared on both prime time and feature-length productions.

These dedicated wedding photography experts look forward to capturing your big day. Read our New Jersey photographers stories and visit their portfolio page to find the one that best matches your vision and aesthetic. Then contact us to check their availability for your wedding date.

Vlad Fridlyand - NJ wedding photography

You can trust him with your memories!

Vlad Fridlyand

NJ Photographer
Incredibly Gifted

Every wedding I capture is unique, and my goal is to find that something special about each couple and reflect it in the images. My background as a photojournalist has given me a keen eye for catching those special moments that happen at every wedding but might be missed if not recognized and captured.

An Experienced NJ Wedding Photographer

I adopt a fashion and photojournalistic approach to provide you with perfect coverage. You can enjoy your special day knowing that your photography is in my knowledgeable hands, as I’m recognized as one of the best-rated wedding photographers in NJ.

Photojournalism, Cinema, and Art

Photojournalism, cinema, and art are integral to my approach. A successful wedding photographer must have the ability and flexibility to handle any unpredictable situation on a busy wedding day and still deliver a complete wedding story.

What I enjoy most about shooting weddings is that it aligns perfectly with my personality. There are a few days when my job feels like work. I relish the opportunity to truly capture a couple in a particular way, document their love story, and create something extraordinary for each couple.

We invite you to check Vlad’s portfolio.

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Kam Hasan - NJ wedding photographer

loves to capture raw emotions

Kam Hasan

Impressively Skilled

I’m Kam, a NJ wedding photographer who has a passion for capturing raw emotions, especially in those moments that are the most cherished in your life. Proudly a member of the best-rated group of NJ photographers and wedding photographers, I bring a unique skill to capture authenticity in pictures. When I’m shooting, I pour my heart and soul into my work, focusing on delivering unique images of your most precious moments rather than aiming for the maximum number of snaps.

An Experienced Indian Wedding Photographer

I employ a fashion and photojournalistic approach to wedding photography, ensuring perfect coverage. You can enjoy your special day confident that your photography is in my knowledgeable hands, recognized as one of the best-rated wedding photographers in NJ.

Photojournalism, Cinema, and Art

Elements of photojournalism, cinema, and art are woven into my storytelling approach for weddings, events, and stories through my photography. I find joy in having fun and creating images that showcase personality, style, and essence. My goal is to deliver modern and timeless images infused with artistic, spontaneous fun.

Photography and Art

Starting with black-and-white film photography and graphic design in college, my interest in picture-making led to a career in product photography and graphic design, surrounded by pop culture imagery. While I cherished the darkroom experience, I’ve grown thrilled with digital technology.

It’s my pleasure to provide personalized services to my clients, creating outstanding NY or NJ wedding photographers’ packages that allow me to uphold the highest professional standards and aim for complete customer satisfaction as a professional Indian wedding photographer.

We invite you to check Kam’s portfolio.

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Eugene Shaboldin - NJ wedding photographer

never makes you bored

Eugene Shaboldin

Remarkably Accomplished

I’m Eugene, a wedding photographer originally from Russia and now living in New York for nearly 20 years. My passion for photography started when I was a young boy, always intrigued by how people could capture moments with a camera.

The turning point came when I visited a gallery featuring a NJ photographer capturing images of people worldwide. Each picture conveyed a story through the eyes, emotion, and light. It was a truly shocking and inspiring experience, shaping my focus on capturing relationships between people. This marked the beginning of my career as a professional photographer.

Drawing from years of experience as an assistant to a wedding photographer, who later became my best friend, I embraced three principles to become a professional photographer: Love what you do, respect the people you work with, and never stop learning.

As one of the best wedding photographers in NJ, I pride myself on being a true professional who “never makes you bored.” With my extensive knowledge and experience, I’m here to serve you, ensuring your Big Day is as smooth as possible while capturing all the important moments.

We invite you to check Eugene’s portfolio.

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Marina Fridlyand - NJ wedding photographer

thrive on finding the beauty in simple situations

Marina Fridlyand

NJ Wedding Photographer
Exceptionally Proficient

Hello, I’m Marina, a skilled NJ wedding photographer.

Known for Capturing Amazing Artistic Imagery

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve become well-known for capturing amazing artistic imagery and connecting with couples during shoots. Proudly a member of the best-rated group of NJ photographers and wedding photographers.

Capturing the Love, Joy & Tears

My specialty lies in capturing the love, joy, and tears of a couple’s special day, revealing their true essence. I thrive on witnessing crying grooms, energetic brides, and the beautiful lives that blossom from this special union.

Unique Style

My distinctive wedding photography style combines creatively posed and spontaneous/candid portraits, using both natural light and flash to meet every couple’s needs.

Shooting All Over the U.S. & Internationally

From various locations across the U.S. to international destinations, I provide each couple with an experience that money can’t buy.

I collaborate with the best-rated wedding videographer in NJ, Alex Perelmuter, and his talented wedding videography team. We look forward to welcoming you to the New Jersey Videography family of couples! Visit our New Jersey wedding photography center in East Brunswick, Fort Lee, Hoboken, and Hackensack.

We invite you to check Marina’s portfolio.

View Marina Fridlyand’s Portfolio

Vladimir Kim - NJ wedding photographer

capturing sincere images with exquisite sensitivity

Vladimir Kim

NJ Wedding Photographer
Widely Recognized

Greetings, I’m Vladimir, a professional wedding photographer originally from the USSR and currently residing in New York.

With over twenty-five years of international experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to wedding photography. My approach goes beyond formal family portraits, incorporating an artistic touch to capture genuine moments with exquisite sensitivity and a healthy dose of humor. As a portrait photographer, I craft stunning wedding photos that blend vibrant contemporary portraiture with editorial sensuality. My skills extend to graphic design, creative management, and digital art, allowing me to catch spontaneous moments throughout the day.

My journey includes refining organic documentary photography and covering events from national traditions to exotic weddings.

Shooting All Over the U.S. & Internationally

I’m excited to extend a warm welcome to you as part of the New Jersey Videography family of couples! Feel free to visit our New Jersey wedding photography center in East Brunswick, Fort Lee, Hoboken, and Hackensack.

We invite you to check Vladimir’s portfolio.

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Vlad Voshchinin - New Jersey Photographer

camera become his lifelong friend and ally

Vlad Voshchinin

Impressively Adept

Hello, I’m an international award-winning wedding photographer based in Philadelphia, PA, and I’m passionate about photography. With over 17 years of experience, I’ve cultivated a brand that revolves around art, seamlessly blending traditional photography, creative photojournalism, and modern fashion-influenced portraiture.

Travel Enthusiast

One of the perks of my profession is the opportunity to travel extensively. My work has taken me to various locations worldwide, allowing me to capture the incredible moments of my clients’ special days. I particularly enjoy infusing both U.S. and European trends into my wedding photography.

Attention to Every Detail

I firmly believe that every wedding is unique, and your wedding photography should reflect the essence and joy of those precious moments. I approach each event with thoughtful preparation, paying meticulous attention to every detail that you truly deserve.

I take pride in delivering impeccable service, ensuring that your entire experience is as flawless as the wedding photos I capture. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I look forward to creating beautiful memories together.

We invite you to check Vlad’s portfolio.

View Vlad Voshchinin’s Portfolio

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