Wedding photography is all about capturing everything surrounding a wedding, from preparations to the nuptials to the celebrations, and any other activities for the big day. You can add more color, feeling, and romance to your wedding photos by going creative and exhibiting your love and reunion in a unique manner. You can count on the unlimited creativity and passion of New Jersey Videography to document your special moments as they unfold. They expert photographers play with light, and camera and capture raw and delicate emotions that remain etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you don’t want to miss out on any special moments or make it even more extraordinary with creative wedding photo ideas. Wedding photography gives you a chance to celebrate your occasion in style and make it unforgettable with images that capture all your special moments as they happen.

Choosing a wedding photographer is perhaps one of the most significant decisions you will be making when planning your wedding. The photographer will ensure you relive these moments even years later with great photography ideas.

Here are some of the most creative wedding photo ideas, from classic to fun and silly to sentimental, that make you smile and could be a source of inspiration for your big day.

Top creative wedding photo ideas

Incorporate these creative wedding photo ideas to make your wedding album even more fun and engaging.

1. The first look

It is one of the most favorite wedding trends. You can feel the anticipation in the first look photo when the groom sees the bride coming. It is a moment that every photographer wants to capture as it packs so much beauty and emotions. You can look forward to some amazing first-look pictures that will make you want to relive your wedding day time and again.

The first look

2. Getting a different perspective

Aerial photography or shots from a higher ground give a new and exciting perspective to wedding photos. Some intimate and beautiful shots of the bride and groom dancing or cutting the cake up from the air, along with a grand view of the wedding venue are simply amazing. These pictures from a different perspective can add immense creativity and uniqueness to your wedding photos.

Getting a different perspective

3. Go for unique poses

If you are not a fan of posed photography, don’t worry. You can go for unique, fun, alternative shots that are more candid and relaxed in style. Ask your photographer to take a good look at your venue in advance and check out the fun spots or the unique focal points where you can get some splendid clicks. You can never go wrong with fun poses such as lying in the grass facing opposite directions, cheek-to-cheek with your partner.

Find unique poses, and you will be getting some delightfully candid shots that will become the highlight of your wedding album.

Go for unique poses

4. Go for a walk hand in hand

It is one of the most classic shots that never fails to amaze with its beauty and simplicity. The photographer gets some shots from behind of the bride and groom as they walk away holding hands. This photo idea works for almost all couples, as it symbolizes connection, togetherness, and intimacy.

Go for a walk hand in hand

5. Lots of kisses

Weddings are full of emotions and love, and what better way to show emotions and love than kisses? Your photographer is going to capture your first kiss as a newlywed, but there are many other kisses too. They can be on the hand, forehead, or cheek. Don’t be afraid to be a little dramatic. Lean towards each other as if you are going to kiss and pause before your lips touch for some in-action shots.

Lots of kisses

6. Show affection

This is the day you are pledging yourself to your loved one. The pictures should convey feelings of love, gentleness, and romance. The best wedding photo idea to create affection is for the bride to lay her head on the groom’s shoulder or the groom wrapping his arms around the bride while kissing her softly on the forehead. Hold hands, hug, and share tender moments with your partner. It will create beautiful, heartfelt images you will cherish for life.

Show affection

7. Laugh and be happy

You must look most relaxed and natural at your wedding. When you are enjoying yourself, genuine laughter and fun will come through in your photographs. It is the simplest, yet the best way to show what you are feeling, and the photographer will capture the joy on your faces when you look at each other.

Laugh and be happy

8. Use the right props or signs

Props and signs are cute ways to remember important moments. Leaving your hands hanging just by your sides can make the photos look flat and staged. Find something for your hands to do such as playing with your buttons, veil or leaning against a wall, holding a prop, or a fun sign. This not only adds realism and dynamism to your photos but also gives your body a more natural shape.

Props like oversized sunglasses, colorful parasol custom jackets, or even some scooter or a golf cart, if your venue has one, can create unique and playful shots you will love. They bring more fun and personality to the photos.

Use the right props or signs

9. Make the most of your location

Whether you are getting married in a city or some vintage location, make sure to get some nice action shots as you explore the place. If your wedding venue has a beautiful outdoor space, make the most of it by going for a shoot. Balconies, bridges, or terraces are also great places to capture stunning shots.

Make the most of your location

10. Capture the moment before you kiss

The moment before you kiss is a beautiful one. A photo of you two in a mid-laugh or expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the future signifies the start of a new life. Leaning toward each other as if you are going to kiss and pause just before your lips touch captures the passion between the two of you.

Capture the moment before you kiss

11. Take advantage of the weather

You can get some of the best shots on your wedding day whatever the weather is like. It is your chance to be creative and show it in your photos. If the day is windy, you might get shots of the wind blowing your hair or use the rainy day to go outside and capture its beauty and surreal effects in your photos. Weather cannot stop your photographer from getting some stunning clicks.

Take advantage of the weather

Tips on getting the best wedding photos

Choosing the right photographer

The significance of choosing the right photographer cannot be stressed more. Before hiring a photographer, talk to them in detail and take a good look at their work sample. Focus on what you like about their work or what you don’t like, and discuss even the smallest detail when it comes to something as important as your wedding day photography.

You will only be doing this once, so make sure to do it right. Choose a photographer whose images match the style you like best as well as someone you feel comfortable with. You can also show the type of poses and styles you like to your photographer to make them understand what you are looking for.

Wedding photographers understand the needs of the day and their job. Find someone who connects with you and focuses on capturing the best moments of the day.

Pick a photography style that suits your personality

There are several styles of shooting and editing including variations of light, color, composition, and much more. If you ask several photographers to capture the same scene in the same lighting and location, you will be surprised to see different image results.

You must select the wedding photography style that feels true to your personality and mood.


These are posed portraits of the bride and groom as well as the wedding party and family. They are the necessary photos to ensure everyone attending the wedding has been included. The photographer can direct and position everyone as needed, but you can ask for specific shots as well.



These are close-up shots of the couple or usually just the bride. You can add some artistic feel by including black and white shots or some close-up images of the dress.



You can go really creative with this style of photography and show off your personality and style. Fashion photos are a great post-ceremony or reception option as you don’t have to worry about your dress or being formal. You can also change into something else and wear clothes that show your unique self. Fashion photos are a great idea when it comes to destination weddings and help you get some stunning locations in amazing locations.


Fine art

This type of photography includes artistic images of little details like flowers, rings, buttons, and lace on the wedding dress as well as shots of the cake, centerpiece, and the décor.

Fine art


These images capture beautiful landscapes like lakes, sunsets, or other stunning backdrops with the bride and groom posing in the foreground.


Natural or candid

These shots capture the reality of the photoshoot. They focus on the couple as they laugh or relax between greeting guests or posing for pictures. Candid photos are often the best as they show the real joy on the faces of the bride and groom and other people as they have a great time.

Natural or candid


It is another popular style as it captures the important events as they unfold and tells the story of the wedding. From the first kiss or dance as husband and wife to the cutting of the cake, every detail is carefully documented.


The best thing about wedding photography is that you don’t have to stick to one idea or style. You can go for a mix of different styles for your wedding photos. Tell the photographer what you have in mind or what you like so you can have the magic of your wedding day captured just the way you want.

Remember, once your big day has passed, you will only have memories of it. To ensure you have them all, getting the right wedding photos is very important. These creative photo ideas are a great inspiration for those who seek to make their wedding an event to remember. Call New Jersey Videography today and find out how they can help make your special day even more special and unforgettable. With their extensive experience and skill, professional photographers know how to get creative and capture the most amazing shots you will cherish for a lifetime.