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Rely on the unlimited creativity of New Jersey Videography for affordable wedding cinematography. You get outstanding quality, at the reasonable wedding videography prices. Our NJ wedding photographers are among the best in the region. We believe that it’s not about trendy, touched-up images. It’s not even about finding that perfect photo. It’s about capturing that perfect moment — that elusive “moment between moments” that often passes without notice.

Your wedding videographer captures results that are always romantic and emotional, portraying the magic of your wedding day. New Jersey Videography’s expert staff unobtrusively documents your special moments as they spontaneously happen. Committing your wedding day’s elegance and beauty to digital film may be the most authentic way to remember it — with wedding cinematography that’s honest and most of all, joyful and cost-effective.

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Creativity Most reliable & trusted You’ll be amazed at the comprehensive approach taken by the talented Videographers & Photographers who’ll film your Big Day.

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Unique filming style, passion and mastery of the latest videography and cinematography techniques have earned New Jersey Videography widespread acclaim. We continue to offer a number of inexpensive wedding photography packages, thrill our growing clientele by showing the true beauty of your special day from a traditional or Indian wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16/Quiceañeras, anniversary and birthday parties to video commercial production.

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Affordable Indian Wedding Videography, Cinematography & Photography Affordable Wedding Videography, Cinematography & Photography in New Jersey

Affordable Wedding Videography, Cinematography & Photography

As you plan the perfect wedding day to embody your distinctive taste and style, the elite team from New Jersey Videography stands ready to capture every moment for posterity. They know what this day means to you, and they’re passionate about capturing every enchanted moment with wedding videography that perfectly suits your style. Book your wedding videographer and photographers today!

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The award-winning New Jersey-based affordable videography & wedding photography company looks forward to exceeding all your wedding videography and cinematography expectations offering many inexpensive video and photo productions. Even with economical and low-price packages you get:

Best Rated Videographers & Photographers in New Jersey NJ
  • Multiple cameras
  • Unlimited locations
  • As many digital still shots as you want
  • An online galley and photo album
  • Slide shows
  • Video highlights
  • View wedding ceremony video at your reception
  • Fully-edited master copies of your event
  • Affordable packages
  • Free digital negatives of photos
  • Free raw footage
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Expect personalized professionalism from beginning to end with New Jersey Videography. Your team at professional wedding photography studio takes time to get to know you as a couple, learn about your personal style, and understand what’s important to you during your momentous day. On your Big Day, professional wedding videographers and photographers document the events so inconspicuously that you won’t even know they’re there. You’ll receive a wedding film that shows the day with creativity and flair as it represents your commitment as a couple.

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Once you’ve decided to hire the professional wedding videographers and photographers of New Jersey Videography, you can relax knowing that it’s taken care of. Don’t give your pictures and videos another thought. You and your wedding party need only fulfill your obligations and have fun. Your video and photo team will thrill you with memories of your day that will last a lifetime.

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Wedding Cinematography

Everyone has different needs and desires. While some couples prefer natural outdoor settings with little or no dramatic presentation, others like the pomp and elaborate settings befitting royals. Some brides like to keep it low-key, while others prefer to feel like a queen for the day. Whatever you want, our top-notch wedding photography studio happily accommodates your style.

Wedding Videography vs Wedding Cinematography

Wedding videography often is best suited to more low-key weddings where you only need a single camera to capture the purity of your love without cinematic elaborations. Unexpected moments caught in candid video can prove to be outstanding highlights of your wedding day. In the expert hands of an experienced professional, wedding videography can supply you with a true recounting of the day’s events. And you get a high-quality, high-definition wedding videos that you can watch over and over to remember the special day.

Wedding cinematography, on the other hand, is most appropriate if you want to create images that highlight the very best shots of your day. Using multiple cameras and special equipment such as booms, lights and cranes, wedding cinematography in the hands of a pro can turn your wedding and its varied angles into a film that can almost pass for an entertaining movie. Tell us what you need.

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Since 1995, founder and president of New Jersey Videography, Alex Perelmuter has been creating the highest quality films and photos for wedding parties and other important events. A seasoned cinematographer in his own right, Alex thrives on taking the beauty and magnificence that is your wedding day and turning it into a tangible memory that lasts.

Proud to serve the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and general Tri-State areas with a talented team of videographers and photographers, Alex would love to hear your story. He would be honored to turn your important event into timeless memories.

Alex always strives for perfection. To that end, he’s happy to create a fair priced video and photo package to suit any budget. Through our wedding photography studio, everyone has access to the highest level of professional wedding videography, photographers and expert wedding cinematography. No matter your budget, Alex will work with you.

Outstanding artistry comes in optimal low-cost packages starting at $1,995. See the menu of standard and most popular budget options on the wedding videography packages page.To get in touch with Alex, call 732-986-6332 or email He’ll discuss customized reduced price, cost-effective video packages that can set your day apart in truly spectacular style.



Your wedding day should be fun and hassle-free.

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Your wedding cinematographers team maintains clear boundaries that you never even notice, and they also can add fun to your festivities with bonus features. To boost your event to include digital features, consider:

  • Using New Jersey Videography’s same day editing service to create a short film to show during your reception — of your ceremony, the bride and groom preparations, the post-ceremony photo session, introductions and the first dance
  • Renting a photo booth with an on-site trained attendant, props and online photo gallery
  • Providing a video guest book station
  • Using Best NJ wedding photographers
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