A talented videographer is a great addition to your vendor list and helps you enjoy a beautiful wedding keepsake. Knowing how much a wedding videography costs enables you to find the best service provider within your budget that can preserve your wedding day’s elegance and beauty to digital film. New Jersey Videography offers the most affordable wedding videography packages that perfectly suit your style and budget. The seasoned videographers have decades of experience photographing significant moments in your life. They know how to capture weddings and family celebrations to create some wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Despite months and in some cases, even years of planning, your wedding day will pass in a blur, and you will only have fleeting memories of what happened. A videographer and a photographer can capture fast-moving moments and preserve them in videos and photos you can enjoy even years later.

From the minute the bride enters the church to the moment the groom and bride exchange their vows and the reception afterward, all these moments captured on film are the best way to relive your big day. Seeing from a more present perspective, these details can make this time look extraordinary.

However, before you find a videographer who can document the touching sound bites and sweet moments of your wedding day, you must find out how much a wedding videographer costs and what is included in a typical package.

Read on to know what factors you need to keep in mind when hiring a videographer to document the most important day of your life and how much it should cost.

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How much does a wedding videographer cost?

As most videographers are independent contractors, the cost often varies. Usually, videographers offer a package. There is a la carte pricing for extra services, extra time, or extra editing that gives you a chance to customize your package. Experts recommend starting with a standard package and customizing it to cover your bases and wedding needs. It helps you get a good deal.

When deciding on a package, you must remember that every video is personalized and custom-made, so it all comes down to what you have in mind for documenting your big day. From the length of the video to the inclusion of the whole speech versus the snippets and add-ons like raw footage and the number of cameras you want along with the style of the video, everything can affect the videography costs.

Peak wedding season can also affect the cost, and you may end up paying more if you are getting married from June through October.

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What is included in the cost?

While certain services are part and parcel of any professional wedding videography package you book, some inclusions are added as per your needs. Remember, you are paying for a certain number of hours of coverage on your wedding day, but the post-production editing process is even more time-consuming and costly.

You can expect 8 to 10 hours of coverage, but additional time can cost you as much as 200-$500 per half hour, which covers the videographer’s and assistant’s time, time for editing additional footage and video cards. This is sufficient time and covers everything from wedding day preparation to the cake-cutting ceremony.

However, before signing the contract, talk to the videographer and discuss what else you have in mind. All the key moments should be covered, and the videographer must work alongside the photographer as the couple gets ready, arrives at the ceremony site, take vows, and exchange rings. The candid moments as well as the couple’s reception entrance, dances, and speeches, all must be documented.

At times, la carte services can add to those costs if you hire a videographer who uses assistance, adds formal interviews, asks for fancy edits, or drone use. If you want to add an external event like a rehearsal dinner, it may increase your videography cost. Read your contract thoroughly before making final decisions, so you know exactly what you will get after the wedding day.

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Wedding videographer FAQs

Is wedding videography necessary?

Yes. Wedding videography is absolutely necessary as it brings memories to life. It is an investment every couple should make.

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When should I book a videographer?

If your wedding is in the peak season or during the holidays, book a videographer at least 8 to 12 months ahead of time to save the date. During the low season, you can reserve their services even a couple of months early. If you are choosing a less popular videographer, you have more time to wiggle as they are less likely to be booked up.

Is it necessary to hire a two-person team?

Hiring a two-person team ensures more comprehensive coverage, and your video will have more dimension as it will be shot from an additional perspective. Having angle changes for key moments such as the ceremony, speeches, or formal dance will help to get better footage. As the primary role of the assistant is to shoot a b-roll, they can catch some great reaction shots of the guests.

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Are there any other add-ons I should consider?

Raw footage is a must as you get a record of all that was shot right in hand. You can get the files on a flash drive, CD, or hard drive. The cost may vary depending on your vendor and the medium available. If you want them included in your package, talk to your videographer. With advanced technology, you can save money by adding footage to your video for extended cuts or making custom versions.

What are the different styles of shooting a wedding video?

The standard option is a sequential, chronological video that plays through the major points of the day in order. The videographer will be there throughout the ceremony, trialing you like a shadow and documenting all the moments as they unfold. The result is music-heavy with pops of recorded speech.

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Should I ask my videographer for a drone?

Drone certainly adds a wow factor to the final video if you are holding an outdoor wedding or hosting it at a grand venue. However, you must remember that only a few overhead scenes are included in the entire footage. Opting for a drone is not cheap, and they are only used for venue fly-by and the walk down the aisle, so make up your mind and ask for its charges first.

It is also essential to know that your videographer will need to clear permissions with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before giving you a solid answer on drone usage as not all sites allow drones.

Do I need to tip my videographer?

Videographers are not usually tipped, but tokens of appreciation are always valued. You can offer $50-$200 as a tip to your videographer with assistant, with $50-$100 going to the lead videographer and $50-$75 for the assistant.

Remember, an average wedding videographer’s cost is just a quote. Prices can change based on your location, the number of hours your videographer works, if there is an assistant, and the type of videography package you choose. While it may not cost too much to hire a videographer, many couples want to hire the best one to capture the prized moments of their special day.

New Jersey Videography offers exceptional wedding videography services to portray the magic of your wedding day most romantically at the most affordable prices. The talented videographers know the significance of your special day and record the events as they spontaneously happen to ensure your wedding day is archived forever.

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