After planning your wedding and attending to the smallest detail, you must ensure that each of these moments is documented in the best way possible. Creating a wedding photography timeline and coordinating with your photographer will get you the specific shots you have imagined. Call New Jersey Videography today for results that are always romantic and emotional and portray the magic of your wedding day. With their expertise and experience, the pros capture your special moments as they happen and make sure you always remember your big day with joy and fondness.

No matter how you plan your event, how much you pack into your day, and how carefully you strive to do everything, your wedding day will be over far too soon. The good thing is your wedding photographer will preserve all the significant memories, capture every incredible movement and chosen details so you can relive the big day for years to come.

Wedding Photos for Your Album

There are so many wedding moments you don’t want to miss. From pre-wedding prep to the post-wedding dance and exit, you will want to remember everything about the day and how it went. Professional photographers know how they need to take pictures or plan your shoot. However, telling them what you have in mind or what kind of pictures you want helps them focus on the people and essentials and create a well-rounded, all-included photo album.

Here are 30 must-take wedding photos every couple should go for when planning their big day and coordinating with their photographer.

1. The Wedding Invitation Suite

Do not forget the wedding invitation suit. It is one of the most memorable parts of your wedding. Check with your photographer if it will be shot on the morning of the wedding day or afterward in the studio. Also, discuss what you are looking for in this photo moment and if you want any extra details in the shot, such as flowers, jewelry, or accessories.

Make sure to bring a full, perfect invitation suit to the wedding and hand it to the photographer to get the best shot. You can also keep a set for yourself and have it framed to secure great memories for years.

The wedding invitation suite

2. The Best Moments

There are so many noteworthy moments during the wedding. You must strive to catch as many of them as possible. The photographer generally arrives a few hours before the ceremony begins, and depending on how many shooters are there, they will capture the preparations of each partner and how they are doing before taking their vows. They also focus on the getting-ready process, which holds several key moments. Provide your photographer with a full-day timeline as early as possible so they can plan their schedule and do not miss out on memorable shots.

The best moments

3. Focus on the Accessories

After spending a great deal of time and money on selecting the best wedding day accessories, make sure they are photographed right, and you get the best shots that create some wonderful memories for you down the lane. Whether you are wearing something old, new, borrowed, or blue, get a shot of everything together.

Focus on the accessories

4. The Getting Ready Moments

After all that shopping and preparations for the wedding dress and the big day, you certainly don’t want to miss any special moments. Document the big reveal by asking your photographer to get some sweet shots as your family helps you get ready before you go out, the arrival of the guests, and much more.

The getting ready moments

5. The Wedding Shoes

You must have spent hours finding the right shoes that match your attire and create the perfect balance of height between you and your partner. Don’t forget to tell your photographer to get a nice shot of them, as well as you walking towards your beloved. You can also include the shoes in the photos with other accessories if you are trying to consolidate pictures.

The wedding shoes

6. The Bridal Portrait

As your hair and makeup are done, and you have slipped into your wedding finery, it is time to make your official photo debut. The expert photographer will direct you and help you get in the right mood as you are all ready and look radiant on your big day to ensure they get some stunning shots.

The bridal portrait

7. The Veil

Wearing a veil can add so much more to the wedding experience and its overall beauty. Ask your photographer to capture shots from every angle. You will only be wearing it for a short time, so it is best to get pictures during this time.

The veil

8. The Bridal Bouquet

The moment you see your wedding bouquet is special. The gorgeous, artfully arranged clutch of flowers designed to suit you and your idea of the day holds a lot of importance. You will be holding the bouquet for a short time, so it is necessary to get some beautiful shots holding it before you hand it over to the photographer for solo shots.

The bridal bouquet

9. The Boutonnières

A boutonnière may be smaller, but it is as important as the bridal bouquet and makes a great fashion statement. A floral decoration that is usually a single flower or a bug worn on the lapel or bodice of a jacket or dress, a boutonnière can be included with other accessories like the couple’s rings.

The boutonnières

10. The Groom’s Portrait

The groom deserves a special moment in front of the camera. The photographer will take solo shots before the ceremony to capture the groom’s best looks.

The groom’s portrait

11. The First Look

It is up to you and your partner to decide how you want that first look together. You can go for it before the ceremony or afterward, as it suits you, depending on when you get the time. If you plan to meet your partner before the ceremony, the photographer must be there to capture the moments as you two see each other, all ready for the vows. It will create some cherished memories.

The first look

12. Candid Moments

Formal wedding pictures are great, but candid moments are the best as they capture the real emotions. Ask your photographer to keep an eye open and get those natural, unposed moments on the camera, and you will love seeing them down the years.

Candid moments

13. Formal Portraits

After you have said ‘I do’, sneak away with your partner for formal portraits for just the two of you. You will be enjoying some time with your partner alone, and it will be a perfect time to create some lovely memories.

Formal portraits

14. The Wedding Party

Don’t forget to take a really nice shot with the entire wedding party. These groups consist of all the people you love or are friends with and want to include in your celebrations. You will love seeing these pictures when you go through your wedding album years later.

The wedding party

15. The Little Guests

If there are children in the wedding party, make sure to click some nice photos with them. Little ones grow up fast, and if they are close to you, you will enjoy a photo shoot and cherish these memories when you see them years later.

The little guests

16. The Venue

The wedding venue is equally important, and you must have it photographed from different angles. As you have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into making it a beautiful place for exchanging your vows, you will want to remember what it looked like.

The venue

17. The Walk Down the Aisle

The walk down the aisle is an emotional time, and you must ask your photographer to focus on the two of you. It is the moment that you can only see in photographs. Thus, it is necessary to have the best shots. Whether you are walking on the arm of your mother, father, or both, you will treasure this memory forever.

The walk down the aisle

18. The Ring Exchange

Ask your photographer to take photos as you exchange rings and the ceremony in action. This is the most significant part, and you should have the best moments of this time to create unforgettable memories.

The ring exchange

19. The Happiness and the Laughs

A wedding ceremony is serious business, but it does not have to be somber. There is happiness and laughs to balance the formalities and make it an overall joyful event. Ask your photographer to keep an eye out for these unexpected moments, such as when you are laughing, during the vows, or while struggling to slide the ring and any moment that seems precious.

The happiness and the laughs

20. The First Kiss

Your first kiss as a man and wife is extremely significant, and a precious memory. It symbolizes the start of a new relationship and the love that goes forward. Make sure your steps are duly recorded.

The first kiss

21. Exit From Ceremony

Your exit from the ceremony should be properly planned and captured on camera from various angles. Whether your guests are tossing flower petals or confetti, waving sparkles or ribbons, blowing bubbles, ringing bells, or using any other creative idea, don’t forget to do it in style and document it.

Exit from ceremony

22. The Design Details

You are spending a lot of time planning and mapping the details of your big day. Tell your photographer what you have in mind to prioritize the most important ones. Significant design details like escort card installations, unique bars, or reception backdrops are not to be missed, as they speak volumes about your hard work and efforts.

The design details

23. Overall Reception Design

The place where you hold the reception is special, but things move very quickly. They are over even before you have a chance to see everything. Ask your photographer to capture scene-setting shots of the entire space, both with and without the guests, so you can look back on every detail even after years.

Overall reception design

24. The Place Settings

You have spent so much time and effort choosing linens and chargers and planning the seating arrangement. Tell your photographer to capture every detail of these arrangements and settings from different angles. Ariel shots are the best and offer beautiful views.

The place settings

25. Focus on the Centerpieces

Wedding flowers are gorgeous, and you spend a fortune finding the best ones. Don’t forget the flowers and the beautiful scene they create with their heavenly presence and smell on the big day and beyond. Ask your photographer to get some good shots, especially if you have selected different centerpieces.

Focus on the centerpieces

26. The Cake

The cake is the center of attention. You will always remember the cake you chose for the big day. Make sure you have some great pictures before it gets cut into.

The cake

27. The First Dance

It is a big moment, worthy of some lovely pictures as you step on the floor with your husband or wife. Direct the photographer if you have any specific shots in mind, or let them take some candid, natural shots while you are having fun on the dance floor.

The first dance

28. Cutting the Cake and the First Bite

This is one wedding ritual that everyone loves. Thus, it is necessary to capture each movement as you cut the cake and offer the first bite to each other. Let your photographer know what you have in mind or how you plan to cut it so they can angle great shots.

Cutting the cake and the first bite

29. The Dance Party

Once the rituals are over, it’s time to have some fun on the dance floor. If you have anything special in mind, share it with your photographer, or let them do their thing and capture the party vibes as they feel them. You will remember the great time you had with family and friends when you go through these pictures.

The dance party

30. THe Last Kiss

As you make your way out, the last kiss is the perfect ending to your big day. Plan your exit well so the photographer gets the right shots, whether you are leaving in a flurry of bubbles or sparklers.

The last kiss

Wedding photography has evolved into something much more than just a means of keeping your fond memories. Photographing your most cherished moments in unique or unusual ways not only makes them more memorable but also helps you see the event more beautifully. Make your wedding album more extraordinary by adding flair and capturing those moments in style. You will cherish them whenever you look back on them.

Professional wedding videography and photography require extensive experience and an eye on even the smallest things, and New Jersey Videography knows how to do it right. With artistic, expressive, and candid photography, the pros know how to take wedding photos that look as if they came straight out of a fairy tale. Going through the wedding photos that show the true beauty of your special day makes you relive the best parts time and again.