Your wedding photos are your most precious memories and all you will be left with, once the celebration is over. Knowing how these memories are captured and preserved is significant. Call New Jersey Videography to find out more about photography styles and which one you would prefer to document your special moments in the best possible manner. The expert photographers understand your vision for the big day and come up with the perfect mix of shots you will cherish for years to come. They specialize in capturing the magic and mood of both the couple and the event to provide exceptional services and an extraordinary experience you will not forget.

Shooting a wedding is an art that requires plenty of skill, experience, and creativity. Thus, it is necessary to invest in a photographer who is familiar with all the popular photography styles that capture and reflect the beauty of your special event. As a couple, you need to think about how the photographer you choose will influence your overall wedding experience and deliver the best outcome, most relevant to what you are looking for.

Knowing about wedding photography styles can make your search for the right photographer easy and ensure you and your photographer are on the same page. A professional photographer goes into a wedding with a sensibility and vision, staying open to the wonderfully unexpected moments to capture the best shots.

Wedding Photography Styles

From candids to classics, there are several photography styles you need to know about to inform the photographer regarding your decision and the type of wedding album you want. With their expertise and experience, they can guide your decision and help you connect to what you want to feel on your big day.

Traditional or Classic Photography

Traditional or classic photography is what you must have seen in your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding albums. These are staged photographs of the couple and family, capturing key moments from the ceremony and reception and a clear picture of the day. These straightforward pictures may not be highly creative as they are shot at eye level and posed, but they stand the test of time and offer a classic approach to wedding photographs.

Most photographers incorporate some traditional or classic photos into their mix, particularly when it comes to family portraits after the ceremony. The best thing about them is that they are simple, never go out of style, and look good even after 50 to 60 years.

Editorial Photography

Editorial pictures are much more posed and dramatic. They are overall cleaner, with less background clutter or excessive people, and look as if they have come from a fashion magazine. This style is not very common in the wedding photography industry, but many photographers have perfected it as it offers curated, creatively compelling, visually driven, and narrative-rich images that look appealing. Creating such meaningful and beautiful pictures requires time, trust, and preparation.

Couples who want to go for editorial pictures know what it is and what they want from their wedding photos. They choose it as they have different expectations for their wedding photography and want it to be like a photoshoot with a high-end, luxury feel.


Photojournalistic style has become popular for its candid and documentary-style photographs that result in some of the most heartfelt and memorable images. The weddings are treated almost like a feature or news story, and the moments unfold naturally. The photographer snaps away, recording the magic as it happens. It works best for couples who seek a more organic feel to their wedding photos and want authentic images that hold the most meaning.

The photographers do not offer any direction into what is happening. Rather, they find beauty in the moments, the in-between moments, the movement, and the raw emotion found throughout the celebration. They capture actions as they happen without interrupting, using images to narrate the feelings, moments, and nuances that collectively tell a bigger story.

Fine Art Photography

If you want your wedding to feel like an ethereal piece of art, fine art photography is the way to celebrate it. It is a must-have for couples who prefer shots that use lights and angles to create beautiful, timeless imagery that transcends typical photography. Fine art photography is usually traditional images with heavy use of black and white or much brighter images with an airy feel.

Fine art photos can result in fantastic stand-out pieces that you can proudly hang on the wall of your home. It is the best choice for couples who value a creative, artistic touch to their wedding photos.

Film Photography

Film photography is tricky as it requires an experienced photographer to capture textures and detail that can add depth and character to the images. While some shoot exclusively on film, others use it as a supplement to their digital shots for a diversity of images. Film photography for weddings evokes a timeless and romantic feel. It adds a soft, warm, and dreamy quality to the pictures, which is very different from the sharp and pristine look of digital photography. Going through the photographs makes you feel the images speaking for themselves, which invokes a sense of happiness and nostalgia.

Most people fall in love with film photography as it creates an enduring, sentimental connection to the memories of their big day.

Contemporary Photography

With contemporary photography, you can expect images with a modern twist. The focus is on the story of the day and capturing the emotions as they happen. Images are more colorful, and the photographers are ready to experiment with new techniques, like shooting through light prisms for stunning effects to using tilt-shift lenses, to come up with something new and exciting.

Sometimes, contemporary photography is teamed with traditional and documentary photography for enhanced effects.

Documentary and Reportage Photography

This style of photography is moment-focused. The photographer will let the events flow naturally and avoid posed shots. Many photographers team this style with portraits and group shots to create an album that captures natural aspects of the day, along with the significant moments.

Documentary photography can be quite serious. Tell your photographer what you have in mind or what you seek to make sure their style of photography fits in with your vision too.

Learning about wedding photography styles can help you make the right decision and find the best photographer whose style matches with how you want to document and see your wedding day.

The choice of wedding photography style is very personal and ultimately depends on you and your partner’s taste. No matter what type of wedding photography you seek for your big day, New Jersey Videography provides the best services. You can look forward to working with a highly skilled and experienced photographer who captures the romance and emotions of your special moments, and ensures you relive them every time you go through your wedding album.