Getting creative with your engagement photos is one wedding planning task that you would definitely love and enjoy carrying out. Amidst the hustle and bustle of putting together a wedding, you and your partner must not forget the significance of your engagement period and its beauty. Enjoy your time by being artistic and preserving the beauty of your relationship with new and exciting photoshoot ideas. Call New Jersey Videography today if you are already engaged or thinking about proposing to the love of your life and want to make this event unforgettable. You can look forward to some creative, out-of-the-box ideas and an awesome experience, working with professionals who know how to capture the right emotions at the right moment that make your pictures speak volumes about the bond you share.

It can be a challenge to capture a picture that is truly you and create some fantastic memories down the lane. With creative New Jersey photographers who have the right wedding engagement photoshoot ideas, you can look forward to getting the shots that depict the feelings you share. They ensure your engagement and wedding photos turn out perfect, one of a kind, and feel right for you and your partner.

Top Engagement Photo Ideas From Real Couples

These 70 engagement photo ideas from real couples inspire you and your partner to do something similar. Lighthearted, fun, glamorous, or chic, these ideas make your engagement period more fun and memorable.

1. The Right Romantic Backdrop

Many places in New Jersey are the perfect romantic backdrop for your engagement photos. Whether it is a rainy day or sunny, you can get some dazzling pictures at the right place with fitting attire.

The right romantic backdrop

2. A Romantic Setting

Any place can be romantic if you are in the right mood. Set your mood with flowers, candles, greenery, or anything else you love. Get the perfect click, whether it is your home or the local park, with some beautiful settings.

A romantic setting

3. A Classic Hand-In-Hand Shot

It is one shot that always comes perfect. Find the best place and time of day that works for you, and lean into the famous hand-in-hand pose for a great shot. You can choose your best dress and make this a classic Instagram-worthy picture.

A classic hand-in-hand shot

4. An Iconic City Backdrop

New Jersey is an iconic city, and getting a photo with a city backdrop can make your engagement pictures come to life. It may not be easy to find a quiet NJ backdrop, but capturing life and modern-day aesthetics, is a fascinating idea.

An iconic city backdrop

5. A Day at the Waterfalls

The settings at the waterfall are ideal for couples seeking unique photo ideas with natural backdrops. A refreshing waterfall dip with your loved one can make your engagement pictures as beautiful as your romance.

A day at the waterfalls

6. Go Horseback Riding

If you love being with animals, go horseback riding with your partner. A horse can make a beautiful prop. You will see how an unconventional backdrop can make your engagement photos captivating.

Go horseback riding

7. Become a Modern Jack and Rose

If you love the sea, sailing off into the sunset is the best way to capture some great shots. It is ideal for couples who seek a timeless backdrop amongst the gorgeous blue sea.

Become a modern Jack and Rose

8. Enjoy a Dip in the Ocean

Is your love as deep as the ocean? Get some sexy and sultry photos clicked amongst the foamy, crashing waves.

Enjoy a dip in the ocean

9. Go White

Nothing can make your intentions clearer than you and your partner wearing head-to-toe white attire. White is a natural color and complements any place and time, making your photos as natural and beautiful as they can get.

Go white

10. All Chic and Stylish

Go for a chic and modern shoot by using your settings to determine your fashions. Complement your looks with your locale and get great clicks to show your unique style.

All chic and stylish

11. Ariel Shot

Ariel shots can capture emotions and expressions like none other. Ask your photographer to use their drone, and you will see how unique and memorable pictures you have.

Ariel shot

12. Go for a Formal Vibe

If you are hosting a formal celebration, choose attire that goes with the theme you have in mind for the wedding and make it a full-fledged event with some classy shots.

Go for a formal vibe

13. Get the Golden Hour

Golden hour is the perfect time to take a picture that symbolizes your love and commitment. Go for an intimate embrace or hold hands while you gaze into each other eyes in the amber haze of the dusk, and you will treasure this photograph forever.

Get the golden hour

14. Starry Night Magic

A starry night is pure magic and sets the perfect scene for an utterly romantic photoshoot mood. You will get some absolutely breathtaking pictures under the twinkling stars.

Starry night magic

15. Make It a Desert Love Story

A sandy dune backdrop is the right place to be if you want to add a classic touch to your engagement photos. You will get some stylish pictures with some epic, outdoorsy fun.

Make it a desert love story

16. A Date at the Ferris Wheel

There is no better place than a carnival for your engagement photo shoot. A beautifully lit, glittering Ferris wheel in the background adds a youthful, magical touch to your romance.

A date at the Ferris wheel

17. Let Your Adventurous Side Out

The contrast of action and intimacy is a perfect shot to show off your adventurous side. Your love for adventure and excitement can make your engagement photos even more fascinating.

Let your adventurous side out

18. Spice up Your Photos With a Boudoir-Inspired Shoot

Get some slinky lingerie, and head to your room for a boudoir-inspired shoot and see how it spices up the romance in your relationship. These pictures will create some great, exciting memories.

Spice up your photos with a boudoir-inspired shoot

19. Make It a Fun Day in the Bed

At times, even something as simple as a pillow fight is all you need to show off your playful side. It is great fun, and the photographer can get some great clicks amidst the flying feathers.

Make it a fun day in the bed

20. A Walk in the Woods

The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze, and it can add great beauty to your engagement photos. The stunning greenery in the woods makes a perfect backdrop for your pictures.

A walk in the woods

21. Become a Part of Your Favorite Fairytale

This is your chance to live the fairytale character you love. Find a story both of you love and use its theme to symbolize your happily ever after with a shoot of photos.

Become a part of your favorite fairytale

22. Gone With the Wind Theme

Windmills serve as the perfect backdrop when it comes to taking some memorable shots. Let the wind take you and your loved one to new heights as you celebrate your coming together.

Gone with the Wind theme

23. A Pretty Paddleboat

There is no other place for a romantic photoshoot than a pretty paddleboat, where there is no one but you and your fiancé. You can look forward to heart-melting pictures in a private paddleboat.

A pretty paddleboat

24. Anywhere in New Jersey

New Jersey is a big state, with many stylish, vintage, and contemporary places to snap great photos. You can rest assured that your pictures will turn out effortlessly perfect.

Anywhere in New Jersey

25. A Fun Day at the Carnival

A carnival is the best place to show off your happiness and have fun with your fiancé. Let the child in you enjoy the merry-go-round while the photographer gets some candid shots.

A fun day at the carnival

26. Go Surfing

New Jersey is home to some of the best surfing on the East Coast, and you will find plenty of good waves here. Get some adorable couple photos with a unique surf-inspired engagement shoot.

Go surfing

27. The Perfect Sunset

As the sun starts setting, it provides the perfect background for some creative photos. The soft pastel backdrop is the epitome of unexpected beauty and gives you a chance to get incredible clicks.

The perfect sunset

28. Make the Most of the Beautiful Weather

Use the current weather to your advantage, even if it is raining. Embrace the raindrops and enjoy a playful engagement photo shoot with your loved one.

Make the most of the beautiful weather

29. Recreate Your Favorite Album Cover

Even someplace as simple and accessible as a New Jersey crosswalk can look charming if you are in the right mood and with the right person.

Recreate your favorite album cover

30. A Place Inspired by Disney

You don’t have to go to Disneyland for your engagement shoot if you are a Disney lover. An old lavender dress and an old-world romantic setting, with climbing vines, will help you get some of the best shots.

A place inspired by Disney

31. Overlooking a Tall Building

New Jersey has its share of tall buildings, and nothing can beat the view. Go for an elegant shot up in the sky with your loved one.

Overlooking a tall building

32. A Picture With Your Pets

A picture with your pet creates a sweet family portrait and says a thousand words about your love, commitment and the urge to start a new life with each other.

A picture with your pets

33. Play Some Music

The love of music can bring two souls together. Whether you love music or play an instrument, include a little music in your photoshoot for some picture-perfect moments.

Play some music

34. Go Vintage

A photoshoot on a small rowboat, just meant for two, amidst gorgeous green hues and enchanting scenery, is the perfect engagement photo idea.

Go vintage

35. Love the Wild, Wild West

Even if you don’t live in the desert, you can create a sultry, stylish desert look with suitable attire and a luxury vehicle driving away in the dust.

Love the wild, wild west

36. Surrounded by Blossoms

A stunning springtime photo captured amongst the sweet cherry blossom trees adds to the romance of your relationship.

Surrounded by blossoms

37. Driving off Into the Sunset

There is nothing more romantic than driving off into the sun, along the coast in a convertible, with the top down and your fiancé sitting beside you.

Driving off into the sunset

38. A Visit to the National Park

A forest of trees, sky-high mountains, and a romantic bridge are the perfect settings for your engagement photo.

A visit to the national park

39. Gliding Along a River

Glide lazily along the river in a small, cozy boat with your loved one on a relaxing journey, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Gliding along a river

40. Enjoy Hot Cocoa

When it is cold outside, warm yourself and your fiancé with a mug of steaming hot cocoa and enjoy each other’s company. Make your hot cocoa time fun and playful, and get some stunning shots.

Enjoy hot cocoa

41. Be a Part of the Flower Fields

What can be sweeter than carrying a bride-to-be through a field of heavenly-smelling flowers? It is perhaps the most adorable engagement photo idea.

Be a part of the flower fields

42. Go Black and White

Black and white are classic colors that never go out of fashion. A black-and-white photo of you and your partner in a sweet embrace is a timeless shot.

Go black and white

43. Act Your Favorite Rom-Com

You can replay any scene from your favorite rom-com. The endearing shot inspired by your favorite characters will add more fun to the overall experience.

Act your favorite rom-com

44. Eye in the Eye on the Rooftop

A rooftop is the perfect place to catch the skyline of New Jersey. You can look forward to an amazing shot, beautiful and memorable, as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

Eye in the eye on the rooftop

45. Enjoy the Best Brunch

You have the best brunch of your life, in bed with your loved one, making it an all-snug and intimate time with just the two of you. It is a lovely engagement photo idea that creates some delightful memories.

Enjoy the best brunch

46. Nautical Nuptials

Enjoy a fabulous photo shoot at the bow of a boat, while you sail in the open seas. This view of the paradise adds an ethereal beauty to the pictures.

Nautical nuptials

47. Pre-dinner Photoshoot

If you and your partner love cooking, you can go for a pre-dinner shoot in your kitchen. It is a great engagement photo idea and gives a very natural look as you work together.

Pre-dinner photoshoot

48. Beachy Bliss

Go sit on the sand, take a walk hand in hand, or have fun in the water. The beach is the perfect place for your engagement photoshoot.

Beachy bliss

49. Amongst the Ocean Waves

If you love water and open spaces, this is the best place. The crashing surf leaves a sparkling splash that provides the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Amongst the ocean waves

50. Let Your Playful Side Shot

Get ready to show your playful side with a perfect autumnal photo. The changing leaves and rustic backdrop offer a lovely motivation for a seasonal-inspired shoot.

Let your playful side shot

51. Matching Shirts

Wear matching shirts for your photoshoot and see the effects. The ‘his and her’ shirts are an excellent idea to add more romance to your photos.

Matching shirts

52. A Shot Through the Windows

A couple shot through a window is a great way to showcase your love and romance. It adds timelessness, making it a classic shot.

A shot through the windows

53. A Hot Shot in the Freezing Temperatures

Make the most of the cold weather by opting for a winter engagement shoot. A bright-colored blanket will keep you and your fiancé warm and add a cozy touch to the picture, taking your romance a notch higher.

A hot shot in the freezing temperatures

54. A Glamorous Boating Excursion

Make your engagement photos shoot sexy and sophisticated with a glam boating excursion. Get your best outfits out to add to the oomph factor.

A glamorous boating excursion

55. Get on a Chic Speedboat

It’s time to take your love and celebration to a notch higher. The luxe speedboat not only makes your heart race faster, but results in some really great shots.

Get on a chic speedboat

56. Make Daily Chores Fun

Even the most mundane chores like washing dishes, cleaning up, or doing laundry together become fun when you are with a loved one. These at-home engagement pictures tell a beautiful story of everyday life that is so genuine, yet so magical.

Make daily chores fun

57. A Spin on the Sled

A photoshoot on the sled may be the perfect way to celebrate your engagement during the holiday season. It is a wonderful idea, and the snowy whiteness adds an ethereal beauty to your photos.

A spin on the sled

58. A Fire Escape Romance

While a fire escape may not be the best of places for romance, your love and fire for each other can increase the heat in your engagement pictures.

A fire escape romance

59. In a Snowy Woodland

Snowy woodlands make the perfect backdrop for pictures. After a big snow, your local forest preserve or park will transform into a winter wonderland where you can get some of the best shots.

In a snowy woodland

60. Celebrate With Nature

There is nothing better than taking a walk with your partner and enjoying the calm and soothing effects of nature. Schedule a photo shoot at your local park or nearby woods and celebrate this new turn in your life by embracing nature and its goodness.

Celebrate with nature

61. A Beautiful Mountain Backdrop

The beauty and wilderness of the mountains make a perfect backdrop for a great photoshoot. Celebrate love and life and enjoy some great clicks amongst the raw, ethereal beauty of the mountains.

A beautiful mountain backdrop

62. Rooftop Fun

A good cityscape makes a great background for an engagement photo. With many tall buildings in New Jersey, you can look forward to breathtaking rooftop pictures.

Rooftop fun

63. Romance on a Roller Coaster

A roller coaster ride reflects the ride of the lifetime you are about to take with your partner. Visit an amusement park for a roller coaster ride and take your romance to a higher level with the fast and thrilling ride.

Romance on a roller coaster

64. At Your Favorite Shop

Give your engagement photos a new twist by visiting your favorite place to shop. It not only makes shopping more fun, but also gives you new couple goals to achieve.

At your favorite shop

65. A Perfect Shot in the Sunset

There is something very romantic about a sunset. Go for a silhouette portrait or a hand-in-hand walk into the sinking sun for the perfect shot.

A perfect shot in the sunset

66. Use Your Long Locks for a Cute Shot

Use your long locks to your advantage and get some really cute shots whipping your hair back and forth. Get your inner child out for pictures you will love to look back on for years to come.

Use your long locks for a cute shot

67. Celebrate With Bottles of Bubbles

There is no better way to party and share happiness. Celebrate your engagement with a spirited and joyful photoshoot by popping bottles in cowboy style.

Celebrate with bottles of bubbles

68. Show Your Badass Side

Be a badass couple and show your crazy and edgy side with a photoshoot customized to fit your favorite outdoor activity or something new you want to try. The possibilities are sky-high, from a motorcycle ride to skydiving.

Show your badass side

69. Replicate Your First Date

Go back to where it all started from. Whether you met at a park, some office or a restaurant, go and refresh those memories and celebrate your love with some beautiful pictures.

Replicate your first date

70. A Romantic Dinner for Two

Make this dinner memorable by making it a formal, engagement dinner, just for the two of you. It can be a resultant you both favor or an intimate, candle light dinner at home.

A romantic dinner for two

Getting engaged is beginning of a beautiful relationship that must be celebrated with a romantic photoshoot. If you are having a tough time deciding where you want your engagement photos taken, think about your favorite place, hobby, pastime as a couple, or even what you did on your first date to come up with the best idea. Don’t be afraid to let loose or experiment with new things to get some splendid results.

The top-rated photographers at New Jersey Videography make every effort to personalize your sessions, and even stage a venue significant to you and your future husband and wife. They bring out your chemistry for the camera with expressions and gestures that are true to both of you and create the perfect engagement album.