Engagement is the time to celebrate. You have said yes, and it’s happening. It is reason enough to be happy and create some wonderful memories of this time. An engagement session gives you and your loved one a chance to take time before all the craziness kicks in to just be yourselves, and have fun together without any pressure. New Jersey Videography has been helping couples with their engagement sessions for years and knows how to make yours unique and beautiful. The expert photographers understand your need for an engagement session and put you at ease to capture results that are always romantic and emotional.

An engagement session is the fun part of the wedding prep when you dress up, spend quality time with your loved one, and look forward to some amazing shots. It is an investment worth your time and money as it helps to create a perfect narrative for your wedding.

For some couples, preparing for their engagement session can be a bit overwhelming. Read on to find out what an engagement session really is, how you can prepare beforehand, and what you can do to make your shoot as good as it can be.

What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is a portrait session of you and your fiancé. It is a photo shoot in which you will spend between 1 and 2 hours in front of the camera with a professional photographer, taking photos. While most couples opt for an engagement session to get some memorable pictures of them together at this point in life, others go for it to fulfill a specific purpose, such as for Save the Date cards, to be displayed at your wedding reception, or to be incorporated into your wedding website.

The engagement period is a sweet time in your relationship. Commemorating it with some lovely shots of you both together is very romantic. For whatever reason you choose to have an engagement session, you will not regret it.

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How does an engagement session work?

Engagement sessions are easy, fun, and get over pretty quickly once you know what they are all about. The first thing to do is choose a location with your partner and set a time for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, you and your fiancé will meet the photographer at the pre-decided location and get started. You can have the entire photoshoot at one location, walk from landmark to landmark, work through pre-chosen poses, or stop along the way to shoot. At this stage, your photographer’s goal is to get beautiful light, incredible backgrounds, and interesting scenarios for your portraits.

Your engagement shoot is the perfect time to see how you two come together and your level of comfort with each other. You can choose the poses that reflect your personalities as well the love and level of intimacy in your relationship and get you interacting together before the big day as you face the camera.

Remember, the photographer only helps you choose a location, sets up a scenario, or puts in beautiful places for your portraits. It is your real emotions, moments, and interactions that add life and beauty to the photos.

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How to choose the right location for your engagement session?

If you or your partner have a location in mind, share it with your photographer. If there is a place, which is significant for you or holds some good memories, going for it is the right idea. It can be anything from your parent’s backyard to your childhood neighborhood, your favorite park, a carnival, or even the restaurant where you went for your first date.

Choosing a place with some emotional connection can make engagement photos even more impactful. If you are not sure about the location, consult your photographer, and they may be able to make some suggestions based on how you met, what you do, and the interests you share.

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What is the best time and day for your engagement session?

Determining the best time and day for your engagement session depends on two things, location and time of the year. You may have to adjust your schedule if you want to shoot in the city as the sun goes behind the buildings before it goes below the horizon, so you lose the light in the city before the sun has actually set.

Photographers recommend starting engagement sessions in the warmer months around 6:00 p.m. and around 3:00 p.m. in the winter. You can schedule an engagement session after having a discussion with our photographer regarding their availability and the location you have in mind.

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What to wear for your engagement session?

When choosing outfits for your engagement sessions, make sure you do what makes you feel happy and confident. While it is essential to select clothing that is flattering on the camera, do not do something that makes you self-conscious or affects your expressions and body language.

The best thing to do is to opt for neutral tones and minimal patterns. It will give the resulting images a timeless look. At the time same, keep your accessories simple so your engagement ring is the center of attention that is representative of who you are.

No matter what you want to wear, make sure it matches or coordinates with what your spouse is wearing. Look for colors that complement each other, or are in the same color family.

When you are preparing your engagement shoot outfits, keep your location in mind. If you are shooting in the park, you can go for a casual dress or jeans and a vintage top, but if you are in downtown Manhattan, a cocktail dress or sleekly tailored trench would look great. While professional hair and makeup are not a must at this stage, they can help boost your confidence and ease the getting-ready process. Engagement photos help you enjoy gorgeous photos that are not in your wedding clothes.

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What else you should take on your engagement photo session?

If you are shooting in the city, it is best to bring a bag for carrying some essential items such as a change of shoes, your phones, car keys, makeup stuff, etc. Keep a water bottle with you to remain hydrated and look fresh throughout the session.

If you want to change your look without changing clothes, bring an additional layer or a few changes of jewelry or shoes. Try to get everything in your bag so you don’t have to drag more than you need to.

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Is it possible to bring your kids, pets, or props?

Yes. You can bring your kids, pets, and any props to your session, but it is best to limit this involvement as this time is all about you and your fiancé. If you are going to bring pets or kids, you will need someone to handle them, which will need time and effort.

You can bring them with you, include them at the beginning of the session, and then have a trusted family member or friend take them home. With kids and pets around, you will not be able to relax, spend quality time with your fiancé, or get the type of pictures you had in mind. Sometimes, props can also become a distraction and prevent you from getting beautiful portraits of you two, so be careful about what you do.

The idea behind engagement photo sessions is to create photographs that focus on you and bring your love and connection with each other to life, so choose wisely.

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How to face the camera and pose?

Some people are super nervous in front of the camera, which results in terrible pictures. It can be a big problem on the wedding day when they have to pose. However, you don’t have to worry about looking bad in front of the camera, as things can be made better with practice and coordination with your photographer.

Facing the camera can be awkward or uncomfortable, but it is your photographer’s job to make you feel less awkward and uncomfortable. He will do everything to put you at ease and get confident during your engagement session.

Your engagement session pictures document the love you have for your future spouse. Concentrate on this love, focus on your upcoming nuptials, and you will be ready to face the camera.

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Time to celebrate your engagement

After knowing how to set up the perfect engagement session, it is time to do it. After you have your photos back, make sure to post them everywhere, and you can even get started on creating your Save the Dates. It just takes a few minutes to print and frame your photos and cherish the beginning of your love story. Before you know it, there will be too much to do before the wedding, so enjoy this moment.

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What happens if it rains or the weather turns cloudy?

Photographers keep a close eye on weather reports in the days leading up to your session. If it looks like rain, they will call you before time to discuss a game plan. In most cases, it involves picking a new date and rescheduling the session. You can also wait until the morning of the session to see if it will rain, but if you start the session and it rains, it can create a problem for you, and at this point, rescheduling may cost.

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Engagement sessions are important as they portray the beautiful your connection with each other and fill you with confidence for the upcoming event. Facing the camera with your loved one will take away any fears or nervousness on your wedding day and help you celebrate the anticipation in style.

Enjoy and revel in the moment of love by going for an engagement photo session. Let the expert wedding photographer capture the romance and beauty of what the two are experiencing to create unforgettable memories you will cherish for life. You can rely on New Jersey Videography to deliver outstanding quality, trendy images that capture the perfect moments that define your love and relationship.