Your wedding photos are something you will cherish for a lifetime, so it is essential to make the right decisions when you are planning for the big day. Talk to your event planner and photographer to discuss backdrop ideas and if they can help to bring your vision to life. With New Jersey Videography, you can look forward to making every picture from your special day shine. The professional photographers work with you to understand what type of wedding you have in mind and make sure you choose a wedding backdrop that will be perfect for such a momentous occasion.

Colorful, unique, and exciting backdrops can add so much fun to your wedding day and give you and your guests a chance to create incredible memories. Whether you want a modern, bohemian, rustic or chic feel to your wedding photos, or even something interactive, there are endless possibilities. You can go with what catches your fancy and customize it to suit your wedding theme or couple goals. The best thing is that you can purchase these backdrops online or even create them yourself for a personal, romantic touch.

Here are 19 chic wedding photo backdrop frame suggestions that will give you some great ideas everyone will love.

1. Macramé curtain

Go for a boho look with a macramé curtain or macramé arch. It will complement the rustic wedding theme greatly, and be something new and different. You can also hang the macramé curtain on the wall, behind your seats at the reception table. It creates a memorable backdrop not only for you but for the guests as well.

Macramé curtain

2. Fabric curtain

Get colored fabric curtains printed with some cute, romantic sayings. Choose colors that go with your wedding theme, or combine them with fresh flowers and lights and see how they create a dreamy, beautiful look. With some candlestick holders at the bottom, it can become a one-of-its-kind wedding backdrop.

Fabric curtain

3. Colored paper fans

If you want to do something really unique and colorful, opt for a selection of colored paper fans as your wedding photo backdrop. Use them in place of wedding wallpaper for an eye-catching, yet beautiful setting for some fabulous clicks. They are budget-friendly and simple, yet a great way to put your ideas and fantasies to life.

Colored paper fans

4. Circular backdrop

If you don’t want the typical arch, change it for a circular backdrop like a round metal stand. Decorate it with greenery, fresh flowers, or even lights, and it is good to go. It is a great wedding photo backdrop if you are having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, and works wonders for both events.

Circular backdrop

5. Neon signs

These days, neon signs have become a favorite wedding trend and make a really cool reception photo backdrop. The best thing is that they come in many colors, which means they will work with any color palate.

Search online, and you will find some places that offer custom neon signs to match your wedding or reception theme. Also, they are not very expensive, which makes them a good choice.

Neon signs

6. Rustic backdrops

You can go for any rustic background you prefer. It can be an old sofa or a vintage wooden structure that looks good. Style the backdrop with fresh, seasonal flowers or lights, and make it a charming wedding background.

It is a timeless style that can be given a festive look with the right décor. Search online, and you will find several rustic background ideas to go with your wedding theme.

Rustic backdrops

7. Sparkly sequin backdrop frame

Weddings are all about fun, light, and sparkle, and nothing else could sum all these things together than a sparkly sequin wedding backdrop. Dress your wedding party in various blush and rose gold tones for some great epic photo booth pictures.

You can ask your wedding planner to help you with this backdrop or do it yourself.

Sparkly sequin backdrop frame

8. Floral backdrop

This is the ideal backdrop for outdoor weddings in the garden or on the beach. A backdrop completely covered in flowers and lit by spotlights is sure to provide a jaw-dropping effect and transform your wedding into a real-life wonder.

You can also decorate a wedding photo booth with flowers for an elegant look, which can be installed at any venue.

Floral backdrop

9. Lace and ribbons photo backdrop

Colorful ribbons and lace attached to a string or some branch seem simple and stylish. You can improve the composition with an interesting background behind the ribbons. The best thing about this backdrop is that it works equally well for an outdoor and an indoor event.

It is an easy way to create a glamorous wedding photo backdrop. The bright colors set the mood for the party and draw the guests in.

Lace and ribbons photo backdrop

10. Fabric background

You will be amazed to see what a little fabric in combination with fresh flowers, geometric designs, or patterns can do. Choose the color that suits your wedding theme. Go for plain or printed fabric with a design for a modern and chic look.

Fabric background

11. Paper flower wall backdrop

Flowers are the most popular trend for wedding photos, but you don’t always have to go with fresh flowers. A paper flower wall looks equally appealing and gives you a chance to take some great shots.

Its cheapness and simplicity draw many couples. It is a great way to realize your ideas and put up flowers artfully to make them look as good as fresh ones.

Paper flower wall backdrop

12. Romantic quote-adorned wall backdrop

Showcase your creativity and romantic streak by coming up with a romantic quote-adorned wall backdrop. You can use a blackboard or get a printout on a canvas or fabric with your wedding date and some love quotations. This backdrop is ideal for some great, loved-up pictures.

Romantic quote-adorned wall backdrop

13. White floral backdrop

Whether you are having a city wedding or a rustic country one, a white floral backdrop looks amazing everywhere and all the time. Place the cascading flowers against a pastel or white colored wall for a simple wedding background and enjoy some great shots.

The best thing is that this backdrop does not cost an arm and leg.

White floral backdrop

14. Hanging lights backdrop

It is one of the most versatile and creative ideas for wedding photo backdrops that adds a romantic touch to your wedding shots. String lights or small bulbs are ideal for evening photographs. It creates an intimate ambiance and also serves to add additional decoration.

It is a budget-friendly idea, easily customized with your name and wedding date.

Hanging lights backdrop

15. Sparkly garlands

If you want more sparkles around your reception area to create dazzling images, grab a few sparkly garlands and string them for an easy backdrop. You can find tissue paper and metallic foil garlands in various colors, flashy as well as basics, and they will definitely add some fun and color to your photos.

Sparkly garlands

16. Copper wedding arch

If you have something traditional in mind, go for a copper wedding arch. It will draw all the eyes and hold them with its rustic color and feel. Adorn it with flowers, leaves, fabric, or anything else you think would make your photos more stunning.

The best thing about it is that it can be made to fit your wedding theme for a magical look. It can double as a ceremony and a wedding reception backdrop as well.

Copper wedding arch

17. A wedding banner

It is a basic concept for a photo booth but a very efficient one that works almost every time. You can decide on the style or color of the banner, but keeping in mind it is a wedding banner, it should have a romantic look. You can hang it in the open during the reception or even indoors with the right lighting ensure you get some nice shots.

You can also hang this banner in your living room or bedroom post-nuptials.

A wedding banner

18. Hexagonal arch for a backdrop

If you are looking for something other than the traditional arch, a hexagonal is a good idea for a wedding photo backdrop. Decorate the unusual shape with some greenery, fresh flowers, or light, and it is good to go. You can finish it with candlestick holders at the bottom and make it one of its one-of-a-kind wedding backdrop for some stunning photos of your big day.

Hexagonal arch for a backdrop

19. Watercolor backdrop

Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best and pack the biggest punch. Go for a custom watercolor backdrop and see how it highlights your wedding pictures. You can get one in a single color or use different tints to make it more beautiful. Add your name, wedding date, and location to personalize it, and you will get some unforgettable clicks.

Wedding photography backgrounds are suitable for photo booths, receptions as well and ceremonies. They help you enjoy your life’s biggest moment and create unforgettable memories. You just need to ensure that the backdrop you choose becomes a part of the overall style for your event and everyone has great fun taking photos.

Watercolor backdrop

Call New Jersey Videography to have the best moments in your life captured most amazingly. Professional photographers give you a chance to have fun while they click away your most precious moments. They come up with unique designs and options so you can follow your heart and go with a backdrop that makes every picture of your wedding day a knockout.