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An engagement photograph captures the essence of your exciting announcement and helps you share the news with the world. You and your fiancé have your own distinct story. A professional engagement photo photographer celebrates this new chapter by creating an unforgettable picture of this fresh promise.

Whether you want a beachside sunset shot or a candid picture at your favorite café, engagement photographers create the perfect pictures to keep for years to come. And many couples end up using the same photographer for their wedding. For guidance and advice in the tri-state area, consult a top-rated team at New Jersey Videography.

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In addition to wedding and engagement photography, they also offer services that include:

How Do I Choose a Photographer for My Engagement Photos?

Find a wedding photographer whose style and personality work well with you and your special someone. After all, this is the person who may photograph your big day, too. Hire someone you like, someone who understands you, your family and your world. Some ways to find just the right engagement photographer include:

Finding the right fit for your engagement photographer takes the stress out of the all-important shooting day. It allows you and your special someone to enjoy the whole experience instead of worrying.

What’s the Best Season and Time of Day for an Engagement Photo Shoot?

The best time to take an engagement photo depends on your location and your wedding plan timeline. Most photographers recommend an engagement shoot when they get the best background ambiance and lighting such as in:

These times also avoid the frigid temps of winter and the humidity of summer. Your engagement photo photographer provides advice to help you choose the best time and the perfect location for your engagement session.


What Are the Best Places for an Amazing Engagement Photo Shoot?

The best places for engagement photo locations have meaning for one or both of you. Rely on your professional engagement photographers to enlist the locale for meaningful poses and fun candid shots. Locations may include:

If none of those seem right, you may want to go further afield. Mother nature provides any number of locales for engagement photo shoots, including:

Whether it’s sitting by your cozy fireplace, inside a tandem kayak or atop a vintage pick-up, finding the perfect locale makes a memorable engagement photo.

What Are Tips for Prepping for the Engagement Photo Session?

Photographers offer a number of suggestions to ensure the engagement photo session is a success. In the weeks prior to the shoot, take steps to ensure you have a successful shoot:

And don’t forget to have fun. Make it extra enjoyable by bringing a basket of goodies or a portable speaker to play your favorite tunes.

What Types of Look Can I Get for My Engagement Photo?

Engagement photos present an array of styles and looks to choose from. You and your intended want an image that captures your unique personalities. These photo styles may include:

Some couples spend time looking at professional photographs in galleries or on social media. Getting inspiration from them provides valuable ideas for your own special photo.

Why Should I Hire an Engagement Photographer?

An engagement photo photographer captures your precious event using first-rate equipment and skills. A well-meaning relative with a cellphone rarely generates the quality of an experienced professional. With degrees in art, design, film or photography, these are serious pros. They work with the latest technology and services, such as:

A world-famous photographer wisely said that “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” And you want someone with the know-how and experience to create that all-important picture to treasure for years to come. A professional engagement photographer does that for you.

Whether you want a shot from the top of an iconic lighthouse or by the lily pond in your backyard, contact highly awarded professionals at New Jersey Videography. In New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, they have an array of talent and experience to help you share your special story.