Family Photography

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Family photography is a specialized form of photography that captures a group of people you consider family. This may include your family of origin and extended family members. A family may also consist of close friends, colleagues or a group of close-knit, like-minded folks. You decide who’s in your family photo.

Family photographers are skilled professionals entrusted to capture meaningful memories of families at any stage of your life, in any setting of your choosing with the family of your choice.

Family photo shoots can take place in a number of difference locations and settings, such as:

When you’re looking for top-quality family pictures that you’ll be able to cherish for many years to come, rely on the experienced, award-winning photographers at New Jersey Videography. In the tri-state area, this team of professionals gives your family pictures the creative touch that makes them special.

Are There Different Types of Family Photography?

There are many different types of family photography. You may want a family photo of an entire multigenerational family, or you may want just a few family members, such as:

Photos may be taken standing or seated, spread out for a family photoshoot outdoors or standing in a traditional pose indoors. Family photo shoots can be done as posed pictures or taken as candid shots while family members interact. Some families want pets included in family pictures. You can choose from a variety of creative options for your family portraits, such as:

An experienced family photographer from New Jersey Videography offers plenty of creative suggestions to add a unique touch to your family photo shoots. They take advantage of lighting, shadows and reflections to capture the best possible family pictures.

Why Hire a Professional for Family Photo Shoots?

At every family occasion, there are folks with cell phones insisting they can capture the memorable moments as well as any professional. You may even have at least one family member with high quality cameras. You may be tempted to rely on those free offers rather than hiring a professional. But remember that this event or gathering won’t happen again and this moment in time is precious enough to invest in the best. Hire a professional for family photo shoots because:

Experienced professional photographers have different ways of putting people of all ages at ease. Additionally, when a professional photographer is responsible for capturing family pictures, all family members can relax and be part of the pictures rather than having someone behind the camera who’s not included.

What Are Some Options for a Family Photoshoot Outdoors?

When you’re making arrangements for a family photo shoot, you can choose between indoor and outdoor settings. Many outdoor settings are especially memorable. Your family may have a special location in mind, or your NJ photographer can suggest optimal outdoor locations. Some choices for a family photoshoot outdoors include:

You should also consider the timing of your outdoor photo shoot, since choosing sunrise or sunset photos change the mood. The best photographer may recommend a cloudy day instead of during the sunniest part of the day. Pictures taken midday in bright sunshine require shade so you avoid squinting. Meanwhile, on a cloudy day, adding bright colors by using flowers or balloons can help make the background look less dark and dreary. If any family members are disabled, make sure the location you choose is easily accessible.


What Else Do I Need to Do before Family Photo Shoots?

Your professional family photographer has answers to questions when working with families to plan the perfect photo shoot. Even a day of candid shots may take some level of pre-planning. Take the advice of your professional, especially when it comes to things like:

Contact New Jersey Videography for family photography that creates lasting memories worth keeping. They offer family photo packages to fit any budget, and you’ll get quality pictures of your family that you can treasure for life.