Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography captures an image of a subject for personal or professional purposes. You may need a photo, like a classic executive portrait for framing in your office or a creative one like a shot of your two pet ponies for hanging in your den. The shoot may occur anywhere from your vacation home to a local landmark. The world of portrait photography is integral in the corporate arena as well as for cherished family events.

With camera phones in abundance, your face may show up everywhere you look — and not always when you’re looking your best. But commercial photographers can deliver a portrait you can feel good about. With all the advances in technology, professional portrait photography offers a stunning array of possibilities. If you’re looking for advice on first-rate portrait photography in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or New York, consult the professionals at New Jersey Videography.

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What Are the Different Types of Photography Portraits?

You have many more options than simply sitting on a stool under studio lights. Creative portrait photography extends the possibilities of the who, what, where, when and how. Black and white photography is a popular trend. Various photo shoots may even require the need for professional portrait photography, including:

Portrait photography captures sports teams, business divisions and friend groups. But even the simple single-person portrait can fall within different types of photography styles, including:

What Are the Guidelines for Getting the Perfect Portrait Photo?

Whether the photo is to announce a special promotion in the company newsletter or capture four generations of your precious family, you want to get the best shot possible. Your creative portrait photography professional guides you to:

Having a change of clothes on hand is necessary for when a coffee spill or sudden rain shower threatens to delay the session. Your professional portrait photographer works closely with you to ensure your goals are met and the portraits delivered meet your expectations.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Portrait Photographer?

A professional portrait photographer captures the emotion, expression or ideas that you want to present. A friend or colleague with a cellphone rarely creates the quality of a professional portrait. Commercial photographers bring training, experience and expertise to your project. A portrait photographer brings skills such as:

Many commercial photographers hold degrees in design, photography or fine art. And some industry professionals specialize in portrait photography. Whether you’re looking for a perfect location for your engagement photo or suggestions for portraits that meet a certain wedding photography style, professionals provide expert assistance.

How Much Will I Pay for a Professional Portrait Photographer?

Your costs for a professionally-produced portrait vary, depending upon a number of factors. First, the area in the country where you live impacts the total price. Beyond location, other factors in the final cost include:

For professional looking portraits, additional costs may include hair and make-up services. Some costs, such as for photo retouching, are often included in the base price. In and around New Jersey, find the best professional portrait photography through long-time experts at New Jersey Videography. They always give you a fair price and the best service, including exceptional family portrait photography, blank-and-white portrait photos and creative portraits you’re sure to appreciate.

Why Do I Need a Professional Portrait or a Headshot?

Newborns, graduates, happy couples and business executives — just about everyone gets their picture taken by a professional photographer sometimes. Your portrait photography may need to feature:

Creative portrait photography can represent your company brand or capture a key moment in your life that you want to preserve. Photos bring you back to that day, those people or that world. Andy Warhol once said, “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

An experienced portrait photographer brings to the table high-end equipment, expert skills and a wealth of ideas. Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement portrait to or need a business team portrait, contact the experienced professionals at New Jersey Videography. In the areas around New Jersey, they have the top talent to feature your best side.