Wedding Photography Styles

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With so much going on the day of your wedding, it’s helpful for your photographer to follow a loose template of what you want to reflect in your wedding photos. Wedding photography styles range from traditional, eye-level photos to more photojournalistic views, where the photos are more candid ae differences, including LGBTQ+ ceremonies.nd less formal. Choosing a type of photography style for your wedding day helps the photographer narrow down the options and provide you with a wedding photo album that best reflects you.

New Jersey Videography employs photographers well-versed in many different types of wedding photography styles. Whether you’re looking for something classically formal or wildly creative, NJ Videography matches you with a photographer to best showcase your style and individuality.

NJ Videography provides exceptional results with all aspects of wedding photography, including:

What Are Examples of Different Wedding Photography Styles?

Getting married is such an exciting milestone in your life, you want to make sure the wedding is everything you dreamed of and that the photos from it reflect that feeling. The attention and personalization of the small details adds to the overall magnificence of the big picture.

Embracing the differences and themes unique to your wedding is incredibly important to a professional photographer. At NJ Videography, wedding photographers with years of experience allow you to tell your wedding story through accurate stylized photographs. A few popular types of wedding photography styles you may consider include:

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What Should I Look for in a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Photographing your wedding day should be in the hands of an experienced photographer who knows how to capture the most important moments in the subtlest way. Some of the best photos are taken candidly when no one realizes the camera is present.

There are a few attributes all good wedding photographers need. After discussing the photography style that best fits you, your photographer should incorporate these things into each photo. No matter what type of photography you choose, your photographer snaps the best images that embody that style and make your wedding unique. A few things to look for in a wedding photographer is someone who:


What’s the Difference Between Digital and Film?

Deciding whether to choose digital or film photography can have a huge impact on the style of pictures. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and many couples choose to have a mixture of both on their wedding day. Digital photos allow you a little more creativity and can be edited instantly. Film photographs provide a wider range of capturing natural highlights and shadows, but take more money and time to develop.

Digital photos are the most convenient in that the photographer can immediately see the image and alter the lighting and filter when the picture is taken. They also take less time to edit, so you’ll have your photos faster. Photographs using film come with their own unique organic look and can really capture light in a way that digital cameras can’t. Contact New Jersey Videography for professionals who guide you in your choices to ensure your special day is just as memorable when you look back on it years later.