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According to a survey by The Knot, engaged couples prioritize photography as one of the most important parts of their wedding day. Of the 15,000 couples surveyed, 90% said they hired a professional photographer, making them one of the most sought-after wedding vendors. Many professionals shoot event photography, but it takes special equipment to capture a wedding.

Wedding photography is a highly sought-after art form that requires technical skill and creative vision. Capturing the intimate moments, emotions and details of your special day is a task that requires the right wedding photography equipment.

If you’re looking for the best team with top-flight cameras, lenses and lighting, consider New Jersey Wedding Videography, serving:

What Does the Right Wedding Photo Equipment Include?

The equipment needed to capture your nuptials includes more than the best cameras for wedding photography. A true professional has all the gear necessary to capture beautiful wedding photos. The gear includes:

The best cameras for wedding photography usually include a full-frame mirrorless cameras or digital single-lens reflex camera, while the best lens for wedding photography may be a wide-angle zoom or a prime lens. Switching lenses during a wedding may mean missing the best shot of the day, so hire a photographer with the experience to know which is best. Wedding photography lenses also require accessories, such as teleconverters and extension tubes.

What Are the Best Cameras for Wedding Photography?

To ensure that you’ve hired the most talented pros with the best cameras for wedding photography, trust New Jersey Wedding Videography. The right camera people often carry multiple cameras to capture beautiful images from multiple angles, from close-ups to wide shots. In the right hands, the best cameras for wedding photography create amazing memories for you and your guests.

Brides-to-be and their fiancés are encouraged to ask prospective photographers to talk about their wedding photography camera. While the details of the specific make and model are less important to you, find out why they chose it, because many options for wedding photography equipment exist. Some examples of the best cameras for wedding photography include:

What’s the Best Lighting for Wedding Photography?

The best lighting for wedding photography equipment is, of course, natural lighting. Many wedding venues feature gorgeous natural light. But professionals know you can’t always rely on that. Since the best lens for wedding photography plays in light and shadow, lighting is vital.

Studio portrait photography lighting is a common type of lighting used with wedding photography equipment. It involves placing lights around the subject, which allows the photographer to manipulate the light to capture the desired shot. But this isn’t always possible during a wedding. Wedding photographers need to be able to take pictures in all sorts of lighting conditions, including in:

Should I Ask a Photographer to Use Drones for My Wedding?

Drones have become one of the newest and coolest pieces of wedding photography equipment. Drones provide you with unique, breathtaking photos and sweeping video. Additionally, drone photography can capture group shots from above and spectacular aerial views.

With drones, wedding photographers can take pictures from angles that would be otherwise impossible without an expensive crane or permission to use a nearby building. Wedding photographers may charge extra for a drone, but it’s worth it. Some of the best times to use drones include:

Why Should I Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

A professional has the right wedding photography equipment to create beautiful, lasting memories. The local pros at New Jersey Wedding Videography are some of the best in the industry and have access to the latest photography equipment. They capture every moment of your special day. From the smallest detail to the grandest celebration, they provide stunning photos you’ll cherish forever.

Invest in a quality wedding photographer. They have the best cameras for wedding photography, the best lens for wedding photography, the drones you want and the best lighting for your event. Trust these New Jersey photographers. They have the skills to capture your most precious memories. Contact the wedding photography experts at New Jersey Wedding Videography.