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Indian Wedding Photography NJ

Indian wedding photography by the best rated NJ wedding photographers tells the love story of your special day through captured moments and irrepressible expressions. Portraying your big day in pictures is a passion for the wedding photographers of New Jersey Videography. And why shouldn’t it be? Our expert Indian wedding photographers work hand-in-hand with talented wedding videographers. So getting “the shot” becomes a paramount concern.

Our New Jersey Indian wedding photographers believe that it’s not about trendy, touched-up images or even wedding photo ideas. It’s not even about finding that perfect photo. It’s about capturing that perfect moment — that elusive “moment between moments” that often passes without notice. A perfect moment combined with an unusual photo idea will create your perfect picture that will last a lifetime.

As a result, the images you receive from the team of our professional Indian wedding photographers in NJ are timeless, elegant and authentic. You’ll want to share them, and then you’ll want to frame them.

Special Pricing for Indian Wedding Photography

Since most Indian weddings are a multi-day event, we understand the need for special pricing. That is exactly why we created special packages tailored for Indian weddings that take into account for Mehndi Parties, Sangeets, and the Wedding Day. If you need additional services and coverage for other pre-wedding and wedding events, we have special hourly rates for other Indian Wedding Ceremonies and Events. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Types of Indian Wedding Photography

Here at New Jersey Videography, we specialize in all types of Indian weddings from Hindu weddings to Sikh Weddings, we do it all! Through years of experience, we know all the subtleties of various Indian wedding ceremonies and the nuances through which they differ from each other. This knowledge enables us to know the best camera angles and most important moments to pay more attention to in order to capture the best shots possible for each of the events.

As specialists in Indian Wedding Photography, you can rely on us to capture every critical moment in the most beautiful way possible. We are fully confident that you will be pleased with the wedding photos, wedding albums, and be fully satisfied with the overall experience of working with us.

Making Your Indian Wedding Photography Unique

We are the perfect choice if you wish to make the photography of your Indian wedding unique and memorable. We not only have an eye for capturing the most crucial wedding moments but do so with unmatched creativity. Our deep knowledge of lighting techniques combined with our expertise in post-production results in the most creative and unique photos of your Indian wedding.

Capturing Vibrant Colors in Indian Wedding Photography

One of the reasons why we are trusted by many for Indian Wedding Photography is our expertise in utilizing the latest techniques to capture your event in the most vibrant colors.  When it comes to Indian weddings, we focus on bringing out all of the amazing colors that are usually associated with such events. We strive to capture the full dynamic range of your wedding through the use of different methods such as HDR photography, advanced flash photography, and other tools and resources. The knowledge we have gained over the years guarantees that your pictures will be filled with amazing colors and emotions.

Photography for the Baraat

The Baraat is one of the most unique aspects of an Indian Wedding. All of the anticipation and excitement combined with music and dancing creates some of the most dynamic and lively photographs. Regardless of what the groom chooses to ride in, we will make sure to capture your Baraat in the most original and amazing way possible. That way you can re-live these amazing emotions every time you look at the photographs.

Indian Bride and Groom Portrait Photos

Daytime Indian Wedding Portraits

The daytime is the perfect time to capture the stunning wedding outfits of the bride and groom. It starts with individual portraits of the bride wearing her traditional Indian bridal attire. After photographing the groom in his Indian attire, we move onto the couple’s portraits. We strive to combine both traditional photographs with highly creative images that will be memorable and evoke your emotions every time you look at your Indian wedding portraits.

Nighttime Indian Wedding Portraits

Nighttime Indian photography results in some spectacular images. This is an ideal time to capture the romantic mood of the scene. Here we focus on utilizing the environment and lights to add that special touch to the final photos.

Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Indian wedding ceremonies are always filled with emotion along with spiritual and religious aspects. This provides for some amazing shots when captures using close up photos and wide angle photos. Our Indian wedding photography specialists are experts in anticipating the most emotional moments and beautiful smiles during your ceremony.

Whether your Indian Wedding Ceremony involves the bride being blessed by the married women in her life or the couple will be walking around the fire, we have the expertise to perfectly capture the moments from the best angles possible.

Small Details of Indian Weddings

Detail Pictures of Shoes, Jewelry, and Rings for Indian Weddings

The morning is the best time to capture the bride’s details during Indian weddings (outfit, jewelry, shoes, and rings). We know how important these shots are to you which is why we take the time to make sure the lighting and backgrounds are nothing but perfect!

Detail Pictures of Ceremony for Indian Weddings

When you arrive at your wedding ceremony location, it will already be filled with all of your guests. However, we get there before everyone else to capture detailed pictures of your ceremony in its unaltered state.

Detail Pictures of Reception for Indian Weddings

Your reception is no exception and by the time you arrive, all of your guests will already be there. No worries since we will take crisp photos of the reception room before anyone gets there to create some truly beautiful images.

Photography for the Sangeet

Often times the Sangeet for the Indian Wedding is more extravagant than the typical wedding reception. That is why we include coverage of the Sangeet in our Indian Wedding Photography Package to capture all of the candid moments and amazing performances. So you can stop worrying about preserving this special part of your wedding forever!

The Mehndi (henna) Party Photography

The Mehndi Party is one of our favorite parts which is why its included in our Indian Wedding Package. We absolutely enjoy these events as they give us a chance to get to know the bride’s family more closely. This is the perfect time to capture candid moments while your friend and family get together and get their Mehndi ready for the special Indian wedding day!

Indian Wedding Reception Photography

You can trust us to anticipate all of the exciting moments at your wedding reception. Whenever an emotional speech occurs, we quickly set up our cameras to capture the tears. If a funny joke is being told, one of our photographers will focus on the person speaking while the other will capture the reactions of the bride and groom. When your guests start displaying their moves on the dance floor, we will be right there with them! Telling the story of your reception through our camera lens is not only our goal but is something we are experts in.

Special Indian Wedding Photography Packages

When you hire a wedding photographer in East Brunswick, Hoboken or Saddle Brook from New Jersey Videography, you get to choose the memories and the images that best capture your feelings for your 30-page wedding album — although the size depends on your wedding photography package. The photos are yours forever. In addition, you get all the digital photographs taken during your wedding day to share with loved ones who couldn’t make your ceremony or reception.

About New Jersey Videography

NJ Indian wedding photographers create photos that can make you smile, laugh and even cry. They evoke not just memories but emotions. Our studio has been recognized as the best wedding photographers in Saddle Brook, NJ by numerous publications and websites. We help you remember exactly how you felt when the photo was taken. And in the hands of professional Indian wedding photographers, photos can tell a story, your love story, without words.

Our experienced Indian wedding photographers capture the fun and excitement at your special occasion with grace and stealth. You won’t even know they’re there. We relish the challenge of capturing the traditions that make your wedding day come alive.

Do you have questions about our packages for Indian Weddings? Would you like to schedule an appointment with a nationally recognized best Indian wedding photography studio in NYC or New Jersey? Please contact our photography experts for a FREE consultation. During your initial consultation, we offer Indian wedding photography and videography samples and discuss Indian wedding photography prices. We offer photo and video package discounts.