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The term commercial photography covers an array of services that uses photos for business — typically for publication or promotion. You count on a commercial photographer’s skills to provide polished images for marketing materials and advertising platforms. These professionals provide the experience and talent necessary to effectively enhance your company product or brand.

Commercial or corporate photographers also specialize in different types of images for businesses. You have your own distinct needs within a particular market. With recent advances in technology, the sky’s the limit for eye-catching possibilities.

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In the tri-state area, you’re assured a full selection of creative services at the highly rated firm of New Jersey Videography. Other services you can get from these commercial photographers include photography for:

What Are Different Types of Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography serves a whole arena of business promotions. Whether you represent a corporate giant or work as a sole proprietor, a commercial photographer enables you to present a polished image to the competitive business world. These types of photos include:

Often, the type of photo required depends on how you intend to use it. A giant billboard image requires different handling than a photo for a how-to guidebook. Commercial photos are used for many purposes, including:

The world of commercial photography presents exciting and diverse possibilities. An established company has the equipment and know-how to feature your business in the best possible light. In the tri-state area, top-rated New Jersey Wedding Videography even has tips on engagement photo locations and wedding photography lighting if you, your business or employees need those services.

What Is Product Photography and How Do I Use It for My Business?

Creating images for product marketing is one of the most common types of commercial photography. It’s used in everything from e-commerce to meal services to social media. Product photography involves skilled styling, too, as in fashion items or home décor products. The type of images used most include:

Some commercial photographers specialize in certain products or corporate niches, such as beauty cosmetics or technology gadgets. Professional commercial photographers are flexible; they have the experience and technical skills to handle everything from the smallest to the biggest photo shoots.

What’s the Difference between Commercial Photography and Corporate Photography?

While the two terms are often used interchangeably, corporate photography is often seen as a specialty within commercial photography. While the aim of commercial photography is to boost the appeal of a product, the goal of corporate photography is to enhance a company’s image. These include things like:

Lifestyle photography is a tool within the corporate industry that’s used to create a sense of trust with your consumers. These images include such photos as:

Clients, customers and potential employees want to feel good about choosing a product or service. Commercial photographers use lifestyle photos to bring a human side to your business.

Why Should I Hire a Commercial Photography Company?

A professional wedding photographer creates first-rate images that convey the unique features of your company. Candid shots by an assistant who’s adept in Photoshop just can’t compare. Many commercial photographers have degrees in art, photography, design, film or marketing. These serious pros offer skills and knowledge that include:

In addition to highly trained photographers, a commercial photo company also offers an array of production services. These include aspects such as:

The famous photographer Ansel Adams once said that “the single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” When you have a seasoned commercial photographer behind the camera, your company gets the professional results you deserve.

How Does a Commercial Photographer Work?

A commercial photographer follows a tried-and-true process when collaborating with your business. Sometimes, a commercial photographer uses a questionnaire to gather information like:

People trust pictures more than they do words. A carefully crafted photo tells a story in an instant. That’s why working with a commercial photographer is central to your company’s marketing success. Whether you’re looking to showcase a product or tell a story about your brand, contact the award-winning professionals at New Jersey Videography, with local pros in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. They have an array of experience and talent to tell your story.