The Majesty Yacht, Hoboken, NJ

Wedding Videography & Photography at The Majesty Yacht

The Majesty Yacht, Hoboken, NJ - Wedding Videography and Photography

The New York City skyline from the top deck of The Majestic Yacht provides a fabulous backdrop for capturing your most magical wedding moments. Sailing from the 14th St Pier at Hoboken, New Jersey, the ship’s smooth ride and flowing scenery add grace to your special day.

Inside, the windows surround you with views of the city going by while the elegant decor inside offers comfort and spaciousness. The extraordinary open atrium rises three decks above the dazzling dance floor. With seating for up to 1,200 of your favorite people, the ship’s captain and crew assure a smooth ride for your amazing day.

Many private yacht event planners know the best caterers and reception vendors to meet your every need and The Majesty crew is eager to accommodate your selections. Consider delectable cuisine, accentuated by the natural lighting and ocean breezes, and all that you desire is possible. Imagine the two of you commemorating your love with champagne toasts, laughter, speeches, music, dancing, fine dining, city lights rolling by — all happening at once as your love glows from within.

1401 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030

An open-air nautical ceremony on deck offers spectacular NYC skyline views and easy Hudson River ambiance. Let your veil flow as you complete your vows and walk together as the newly joined couple. Allow your videographer to create memories of a lifetime on a celebration cruise.


Our outstanding video & photo artistry comes in optimal packages starting at $2,195


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