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Real Time Corporate Video Broadcasting on the Web

Corporate live video streaming is more than a passing trend; it’s here to stay. It presents a perfect storm of opportunities for businesses due to:

  • Technological advancements
  • Widespread internet accessibility
  • A broad range of devices that seamlessly stream live video productions

For small business owners on a limited budget and large global corporate structures, event live streaming services are the ideal choice to:

  • Increase your business’s visibility
  • Expand your reach
  • Tap into new markets
  • Include all stakeholders
  • Save valuable resources, including travel time and expenses
  • Entice big-name speakers
  • Create unity in your teams
  • Boost morale and productivity

Go with the Pros

Corporate streaming may not be part of by your IT staff’s skillset. And even though anyone can stream an event from a cell phone, you risk your professional edge with an amateur production. Instead, rely on the expertise of live stream companies for your live corporate video shoots. Choose New Jersey Videography with offices in Hoboken, East Brunswick, Hackensack and Fort Lee.

Live streaming companies know which platforms that work best for your corporate streaming needs.

They produce live streaming events with:

  • Multi-camera coverage
  • Real-time video editing using a professional mixer
  • Real-time professional titles properly displayed
  • Seamless transitions
  • Wireless microphones
  • Professional high-definition cameras
  • Cinematographic eye for detail
  • Creative filming equipment
  • Low-priced custom services
  • Drone technology when you need it
  • Security measures in place to ensure safe connections

The Purpose of Corporate Live Video Streaming

Corporate live video streaming can play an integral role in your overall business strategy. It’s not something to do just because it’s trendy. While the use of corporate streaming is exploding, employ it when it serves your overall strategic planning process. Some of the more popular uses for corporate streaming include:

  • Board and shareholder meetings, especially when members are spread out geographically
  • Training for employees in multiple locations
  • Company-wide meetings for employees
  • Workshops and conferences
  • The roll-out of new products or services
  • Emergency announcements

The internet connects people from all over the world. Anyone with a fast connection can participate in your event. With event live streaming services, you extend your reach, engage larger audiences and hold necessary meetings more often. Take advantage of the technological advancements and quality services of live stream companies like New Jersey Videography to further your strategic goals.

Benefits of Event Live Streaming Services

While you can’t replace the immediate feedback and chemistry that occurs when people gather for meetings, conferences, training sessions and workshops, you can use web streaming services to enlarge your audience. Any in-person participants won’t even notice the unobtrusive presence of the NJ Videography team as they work.

The benefits of adding an event stream to your company’s communication toolbox include:

  • Get more bang for your buck. You save money when you don’t have to pay for travel, lodging and meals for board members and employees to attend live streaming events. At the same time, participants don’t lose time away from work and family. The cost of using top-notch video streaming companies like NJ Videography far outweighs the costs of getting everyone in one room.
  • Cut reaction time drastically. Live streaming for business is an ideal platform to send a message to employees or customers in real time. When bad news hits your company or when you have to deal with a crisis, you can reach your constituency — in real-time and in record time — which builds trust. Invite your constituents to hear good news announcements as soon as your message is ready, fostering loyalty.
  • Increase customer engagement. When customers are invited to participate in a live corporate video, they’re more inclined to comment and take your message to heart. You can get more feedback by using a short event stream for current and potential clients than you could from countless surveys or other market research techniques.
  • Reach a targeted audience. Like live streaming wedding services, you can create corporate events that require an invitation with a code and password to access. You’ll know who attends when they sign in. You’ll be able to control the agenda and focus your meeting to those important participants. Planning an organized live video production is tantamount to running a normal meeting.
  • Provide content you can reuse and repurpose. Your experienced camera professionals at New Jersey Videography create a copy of your live corporate video that you can post on your website. Translate the verbiage into online copy to boost your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Edit valuable clips for future use in newsletters, company videos, social media and blogs.
  • Make training more accessible. By offering live streaming events, you can engage more clients and employees with tutorials and company training sessions without having to invest in a venue or travel. You’re more likely to get positive buy-in when your training sessions don’t interfere with normal, daily workloads.

Creative Live Streaming for Every Business

Use your live streaming events for serious business without outside interruptions. You set the agenda in advance with the help of your planning team. You control the environment with the pros at New Jersey Videography. Their videographers can provide ideas on how to have a little fun with creative live streaming because you may want to lighten up the occasion sometimes.

Introduce speakers properly with clear, accurate titles. Corporate streaming is just one specialty of New Jersey Videographers. Once you’ve experienced the power of live streaming, you’ll want to take advantage of web streaming services for you or your staff for other events, including but not limited to:

  • Live stream wedding occasions to include everyone unable to attend the ceremony in person
  • Sport streaming for company competitions or personal matches and tournaments
  • Concert and performance streaming events as employee and customer rewards
  • Special speakers to motivate or inspire your teams
  • Creative live streaming for marketing and special announcements

Reach out to New Jersey Videographers today for more information about how you can join the growing field of companies making a difference with event live streaming services. It’s not a trend; it’s the next evolution in corporate communications.

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