The Inn at Fernbrook Farms, Chesterfield, NJ

Wedding Photography & Videography at The Inn at Fernbrook Farms

The Inn at Fernbrook Farms, Chesterfield, NJ - Wedding Videography and Photography

If your dreams of a perfect wedding include wooded acreage that take you back in time to simpler days when love reigned above all else, wake up to the historical treasure that is The Inn at Fernbrook Farms. Located in New Jersey’s historic farming heartland, the Inn is a unique blend of modern amenities and historic romance.

The three-story Georgian Manor House was built in 1760 and proudly sits on 230 acres of what is actually a working farm. And when you book the space for your wedding day, the farm is at your disposal. You won’t have to rely on props to create picture-perfect moments that harken to another time; romance is in the air and all around you, your beloved and your guests.

Your videographer will swoon at the many elegant and naturally rustic spots available for the perfect wedding shots. Your event can take place from noon until 10:00 AM the following day, so you have plenty of time to sit quietly under looming sunflowers in the fields and dance under stars in the tent all night long.

144 Bordentown Georgetown Road, Chesterfield, NJ 08515

Your wedding party will be beside themselves when they see the evening’s accommodations. They revolve around a master suite with five rooms and six other well-appointed guest rooms. Enjoy the seasonal preparations always included in the catered menu, much of which comes from the farm itself. Your dreams all come true at this glorious event space.


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