Ramsey Golf & Country Club, Ramsey, NJ

Wedding Photography & Videography at Ramsey Golf & Country Club

Ramsey Golf & Country Club, Ramsey, NJ - Wedding Videography and Photography

Plan an outdoor wedding when the weather’s nice amid the ancient Ramapo Mountains in Bergen County, New Jersey. But if you prefer an indoor event, the Ramsey Golf & Country Club is equally exquisite. At its stately event center, you get the best of all worlds, from the rustic mountain charm outdoors to the updated, modernized Grand Ballroom with its elevated stage, built-in bar and dance floor, surrounded by tables on all sides.

Iron gates welcome you and your beloved to your destiny amid sunken gardens, a shimmering lake and 200 acres of lush greenery. View the 18th century stone castle in the distance; that’s where your activities take place. The scenery gives your videographer a dizzying array of memorable locations to capture your wedding day.

The Ballroom holds up to 200 people for dinner and dancing. You enter from a spiral staircase with outstanding views overlooking the golf course. If you prefer a more intimate setting, enjoy your nuptial celebration in the stone-walled Abbey, which features the Abbey Dining Room that holds up to 70 guests.

105 Lakeside Dr, Ramsey, NJ 07446

The stone interior of the Abbey Dining Room is replete with a fireplace, private outdoor patio and baby grand piano. You and your photographer will be thrilled at the many indoor and outdoor photo opportunities. While club members enjoy special amenities, you don’t have to be a member to plan your perfect wedding at the Ramsey Golf & Country Club.


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