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Professional wedding videographers and photographers in Hoboken, New Jersey. Capturing those perfect romantic and emotional moments on your wedding day with stunning cinematography collections and photography packages.

Your Hoboken, NJ Wedding Photographers

At New Jersey Videography, housing some of the finest wedding photographers in Hoboken, NJ, we recognize the importance of capturing those perfect romantic and emotional moments on your wedding day.

The knowledgeable staff at New Jersey Videography discreetly documents your unique moments, capturing their essence as they unfold. Possibly the most sincere approach to treasure such memories is to save the grace and beauty of your wedding day on digital film. Our genuine, joyful, and reasonably priced wedding cinematography guarantees that your special day is captured elegantly and authentically.

Best Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Hoboken

Our Hoboken Wedding Videography and Photography Services

We offer a variety of affordable wedding cinematography collections and photography packages, and we are known for our unique filmmaking style, sincere enthusiasm, and proficiency with the most recent advances in videography and cinematography. Our mission is to exquisitely preserve and showcase your treasured moments by capturing their natural beauty. The wide variety of wedding photography and videography services we offer to the people of Hoboken and the neighboring areas include:

Wedding Videography in Hoboken, NJ

Our company, which operates in several locations within New Jersey, employs skilled wedding photographers and videographers who are aware of the immense significance of your wedding day. It is a moment that will always be woven into the fabric of your life; it is a celebration of commitment, love, and the future alongside your loved one. We consider it our honor and duty to capture these priceless moments through breathtaking cinematography.

Reviews From Clients:


We used New Jersey Videography for our wedding and we were extremely satisfied with every aspect of Alex's services. He was a pleasure to work with and made both my husband and I feel very comfortable while being photographed on our very special day! He captured spectacular moments that we are so lucky to now have for the rest of our lives! Thank you Alex for creating such beautiful videos.

Bernier Gose

Wonderful experience! Alex chose excellent locations and the wedding photos are superb. I am recommending him to all my friends.

Anthony Eddictus

Planning a wedding was very stressful and the amount of decisions was almost overwhelming but thanks to the professionals at New Jersey Wedding Photography, I was able to cross pictures and the video off my list early thanks to their attention to detail and prompt responses.. And it all turned out great!!

Ike Obrien

About Hoboken, NJ

Wedding Videography in Hoboken, NJ Hoboken, NJ, is a dynamic city nestled across the Hudson from Manhattan, pulsating with the energy of a young, diverse population. Quaint brownstones and modern high-rises rise side-by-side, creating a unique architectural tapestry. Culinary adventures await at every corner, from trendy gastropubs to family-owned trattorias. Green spaces like Northwest Resiliency Park offer a breath of fresh air, while the waterfront path beckons with stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere. Hoboken is a city for those who crave a dynamic lifestyle, a stone's throw from the Big Apple's excitement.

With a population of over 55,000, Hoboken welcomes you with a diverse and inclusive atmosphere, where history whispers from brownstone facades and modern cafes buzz with energy. Visit Hoboken’s official website here.

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We provide professional photography and videography services in Hoboken, New Jersey (Hudson County), the birthplace and hometown of Frank Sinatra. Our clients come to us from the surrounding communities and cities, including Union City, Jersey City, Weehawken, and West Side.